Want one-on-one coaching with this tech tool? Just ask!

Jan. 13: Pear Deck

Create interactive presentations that put questioning at the center of the lesson! Students join each live session and answers questions throughout. It's inquiry-based learning that truly engages every student!

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Go to and log in with Google.

2. Click on the Create a New Deck to make a new presentation or Open a current Google Slides or PowerPoint presentation.

3. Create slides as usual, adding text, images, or videos.

4. Create interactive slides with multiple choice or free response questions by choosing a different "slide type" on the right hand menu.

5. Students enter a code to join the session; their responses can be shown on the projector screen in real time.

Lock the students screens if you like! Take a quick exit poll! Ask an open-ended question and let them voice their thoughts without fear!

Creating a New Deck in Pear Deck

Please let me know if you have any questions--I'm always here to help! I will introduce another fun tech tool next Tuesday!

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