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Mount Kilimanjaro, is That a Volcano!!

Come see Mount Kilimanjaro for yourself and experience it for yourself. Mount Kilimanjaro is a big, and not in just one way, tourist attraction. From its sheer height, people love to hike it, and because it's so tall, tourists just love to see it. It is a extinct volcano, and is located between the peaks of Kibo, 19,340 feet, and Mawenzi, 17,463 feet.

Nile River, That's larger than the United States!!

The Nile is the longest river in the world, being 4,160 miles long. Spanning from its remotest headstream to the mediterranean sea. It is an important source of hydroelectric power. You can Bungee Jump into parts of the Nile River, but not in all parts, there is some exquisite wildlife in the Nile.

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The World's largest Desert, Sahara Desert!!

This desert has 3,500,000 square miles of space, making it the world's largest desert. It also has one of the harshest climates, only consisting of a few oases. Also, area wide the Sahara Desert is almost as large as the United States of America.

The Great Rift Valley

The great rift valley is a geological fault system that ranges from 1,500 feet below sea level at the dead sea to 6,000 feet above sea level in southern Kenya
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