Culture of Karnataka

Songs, Art, Dances, Food,Traditional dress.....

What contributed to Karnataka's culture??

The diverse linguistic and religious ethnicity that are native to Karnataka combined with their long histories have contributed immensely to the varied cultural heritage of the state.




  1. Karnataka also has a special place in the world of Indian classical music with both Karnataka (Carnatic) and Hindustani styles finding place in the state and Karnataka has produced a number of stalwarts in both styles.
  2. While referring to music the word 'Karnataka', the original name given to the South Indian classical music does not mean the state of Karnataka.
  3. The Haridasa movement of the sixteenth century contributed seminally to the development of Karnataka (Carnatic) music as a performing art form.

  1. 4 Gamaka is another classical music genre based on Carnatic music that is practiced in Karnataka.


The Mysore school of painting has produced painters like Sundarayya, Tanjavur Kondayya, B. Venkatappa and Keshavayya.Chitrakala Parishat is an organisation in Karnataka dedicated to promoting painting, mainly in the Mysore painting style.


  1. Yakshagana of Malnad and coastal Karnataka, a classical dance drama, is one of the major theatrical forms of Karnataka it covers the entire gamut of music, dance, drama, storytelling by itinerant troupes
  2. The Mysore style of Bharatanatya nurtured and popularised by the likes of the legendary Jatti Tayamma continues to hold sway in Karnataka and Bangalore also enjoys an eminent place as one of the foremost centers of Bharatanatya.