Dy'Karia Blacklock

by: dykaria b.

True color

My true color is orange and it means that I enjoy life, good negotiator, curious and welcomes new ideas, can do many things at once, and carefree. Others see me as irresponsible, uncontrollable, disobeys rules, not serious enough at times, and spends my time at things i enjoy.

Learning Style and Preference

  • I am an auditory learner. This means that I can learn by studying new material by reading it out loud, using flashcards to learn new words, need to hear things not just see things in order to learn.
  • I learn best by hearing and visually seeing what I'm supposed to do which means that I'm a visual and auditory learner.


I am a global thinker which means that i am spontaneous, takes frequent breaks, respond well to pictures and can work with distractions. It also means that i take information holistically, i use the right side of my brain the most and prefer music or other background noise when working.

Multiple Intelligence and Things I can do to be a better student

  • multiple intelligence: ability to remember things from different subjects
  • study more
  • take my time on my work
  • turn in work on time
  • go to tutoring for extra help