camp JIA

kids get arthritis too

mission statement

Our camp is a good way to get comfortable with who your kids are, they get to interact with kids that have the same disabilty as them. For two weeks your child will get to run and play around,go swimming,and alot of different activities. We look forward to having your child as part of our family.


camp discription

With juvenile arthritis kids aren't really able to do alot of activities,when they come to our camp we will have councelors that will help them with any problems that they have. We have all medical attention for someone with juvenile arthritis. Your kid will be safe and comfortable with us. We will make sure they feel at home. our camp is out in the country so it feels like a real camp. It is a secure place your kids will not be at danger at any time. We have activities that help with the disability. YOUR KID IS SURE TO HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


8:00- wake up!

8:30-warm up muscles/joints

9:00- eat breakfast

10:00-do some activities


1:00-get to know eachother

2:30- go swimming!


6:00-go run and play around!

8:00-have dinner

9:00 go to bed

additional information


*sex:male and female

*cost:50 per week

*it us up to you or your child if they want to stay for the 2 weeks or for 1 week only

*councelors:2 per cabin

*kids:5 per cabin



your child will need their own blanket,pillow,cloths,medication,and any other personal things that they will need.