Art Director

By: Jessikah Ybarra

Why is this career interesting to you?

I chose the art director because they have to have a visual mind the create scenes for movies and myself likes to have a vision of things.

What are the activites this person performs?

The art director works with the director and the producers to sketch out a detailed vision of the sets, locations and surroundings for the film. Art directors oversee the creation of visual material for advertisements, print publications, product packaging, film productions and other outlets. Art directors typically manage other staff members, including designers, artists and writers.
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what trade school/ college can I attend to pursue this career?

Art director positions typically require a bachelor's degree in an art or design major such as fine art, visual communications or digital media. Depending on their industry, art directors may have several years of work experience in graphic design, photography, illustration or other fields. Some art directors pursue a master's degree in fine arts or business administration to prepare for a leadership role.
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What is the salary range for this job?

The median annual Art Director salary is $90,288, as of April 26, 2016, with a range usually between $77,237-$108,694, however this can vary widely depending on a variety of factors. Since quality art directors are such in high demand they command an annual salary of $125,010.
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To whom does this person report to who s their boss)?

The art director has to work with the director to discuss setting of the different scenes and to make it more believable.
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