Kid Heros

Read about 3 kids & how did they help

Meet the kids & Differences & Similarities of the kids

About the kids

Similarities of the kids

Well for first of they were all ids as you can read for the title. The were all hit by hurricanes and that changed their lives for a good while. They couldn't go for a normal walk in their neighborhood. Months passed before everything went back to normal well, ot everything is gonna go back to normal for these kids hero. They all helped in one way or another. Matt saved people, Ariel gave donations, and Deamonte took care of kids just cause that was the right thing to do. They also gave us a good lesson too even though you are a kid you can still do your part.

Differences of the kids

Its clear that they were all different ages. Matt was 17, Ariel was 14, & Deamonte was 6 years old. The ways they helped were all different too. Matt stayed to help in his community with his hands during the storm. Ariel made a facebook account to help get donations. Deamonta took care of kids for them to understand what's going on. The hurricanes took place in different time & places. Deamonta was hit bu Hurricane Katrnia & New Orleans while Matt & Ariel were hit by Hurricane Sandy in New York. The time periods were different too. Hurrican Katrina happened in 2005 & Sandy happened in 2012.