Oceanport Charges Ahead

From the Desk of Ms. Lipinski

Oceanport School Community Pride

"What the best and wisest parent wants for his own child, that must the community want for all its children," is one of my favorite reminders from John Dewey, the great American philosopher and educational reformer. These words were first published in 1914, only three years after the Wolf Hill School building opened its doors as the educational portal and mainstay for Oceanport's school community. Over a century later, our school community's ideals and mission remain similar as we are consistently and visibly making progress in order to remain filled with a strong sense of community pride. The purpose of schooling and our mission is a great one, and the students of Oceanport and Sea Bright deserve the best. As the newly appointed Acting Administrative Principal of Wolf Hill and Maple Place Schools, I am charged with overseeing our mission, keeping our community updated on our progress and successes, and ensuring that we are indeed providing our students with what they deserve. As we prepare for the 2018-19 school year, I am proud to announce some of our initiatives and goals for our students and staff!

Communicate & Stay Involved

Keep in mind the following dates:

Wolf Hill Summer Reading Check-In is on August 2nd @6PM

5th grade Orientation (Maple Place School) is on August 16th @9AM

Kindergarten Orientation (Wolf Hill School) is on August 22nd @9AM

PK Orientation( Wolf Hill School) is on August 22nd @11AM

The next Board of Education Meeting will be on July 25th @7PM in the Maple Place Library.

Please feel free to reach out to me at any time via phone, email, or in person. I encourage you to stay actively involved in our school community. Please "Like" our new, official Oceanport School District Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter @OPSchoolsNJ. After all, even Bon Jovi has been known to retweet our students' finest performances!

Enjoy the rest of the summer months. Stay safe, happy, and healthy!

Educationally yours,

Ms. Melanie Lipinski, Acting Administrative Principal/CSA