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Publication 15 : 12/2/2019

Gompers journey...#180daysofwhy..#students

If Gompers teachers engage in standards-based instruction with increasingly higher levels of DOK (Depth of Knowledge) tasks and provide opportunities for collaborative work, then students will think critically and strategically, which will positively impact their conceptual understanding and transferable skills.

Daily Learning Intentions..What, Why and How are essential to know if a student got it!!

Beginning and ending each portion(s) of the day's schedule with the learning intention: What, Why and How is key!

Not only is it important for students to know what they are learning, why they are learning and how they are showing understanding (success criteria), but it is equally as important for the teacher to be mindful of knowing if students actually got it. In daily/weekly planning, assessment of the day's learning is the beginning stage vs the ending stage in planning.

What - is the standard or skill (not worksheet, not test, not book)

Why - is this relevant, why is this important (transfer)?

How - students demonstration of the standard/learning

Monitoring the Environment - Teachers should be actively engaged in the learning environment. Actively engaged means monitoring the learning environment (up and around the room), 1:1 or small group feedback to students, related to the learning intention, and asking questions/probing students thinking.

Student Engagement - Many classrooms are integrating technology into daily or weekly practices...Yeah! As we engage in more integration, Tech Time should be intentional and purposeful (What, Why and How) towards grade-level standards, not gaming or as a free reward time.

Do your daily learning intentions DI and task(s) outcomes match/mirror one another??? Hummmm???

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SBAC Interim Assessments: 12/4 & 5

Schedule of Assessments:

CHROMEBOOK CARTS will be delivered to MS classrooms in the afternoon/evening of 12/3

Periods 5 & 6 "elective" - An additional cart will be delivered to support on 12/4 & 5.

Staff Collaboration: 12/5, 12/12 & 12/19

Coming Soooooon...Collaborative Inquiry Visitation

Thursday, Dec. 12th, 9am

5206 Briercrest Avenue

Lakewood, CA

Providing feedback on our "initial" PD journey instructional best practice of DOK and rigor in the examination: qualitative and quantitative.

Collaborative Inquiry Schedule (slight time revisions might need to be made):

Collaborative Inquiry Visitation document to complete:

Collaborative Inquiry Upbrief:

Assessment Calendars...Don't fall behind

Math Units

1st Grade Unit 3-- Testing Window Opens Dec. 2

2nd Grade Unit 3 – Opens Nov. 18

3rd Grade Unit 3 – Opens Nov. 19

4th Grade Unit 3 – Opens Dec. 9

5th Grade Unit 3-- Opens Dec. 9

6th - Opens Nov. 7 & 6thACC - Opens Nov. 7

7th - Opens - Nov. 15

7ACC - Opens - Nov. 7

8th - Opens - Nov. 7

ALG - Opens - Dec. 13

ELA Synergy Assessment

Grades 2-8 Unit 2 Oct. 21-Dec.2 (5 wks)

Window Opens on Nov. 18 and Closes Jan. 14

Google Tech Integration professional development "VOLUNTARY" buttttt ohhhh sooo worth it!!

When: December 5, 12 & 16

Where: Library

** the 1st three technology PDs in October all engaged with GOOGLE CLASSROOM usage...NOWWWWW the "technology" learning turns to use technology in daily use in lesson planning.

Dec 5 - Modeling via sample how to use all the google apps/tools in a 3-day lesson (ELA)

Dec 12 - Modeling via sample how to use all the google apps/tools in a 3-day lesson (Math)

Dec 16 - It's your turn to TRY with your own lesson plan book.

PD provided by: Mr. Rick Bosochio, OCIPD/COTSEN PTN Coach


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Culture and Climate

12 Days of Holiday Cheer in #GATORNATION are your ready??

Click the Emebedded Link to view the calendar of FUN!!!

Be an active and SPIRITED part of GATORNATION HOLIDAY Fun!!!

Happenings in Gompers K8 Community

School Leadership...........


Safe and Civil:

* 12/2 Meeting

*Analysis of CORE "mini" survey data (10/31) for next steps

* Year Focus - Playground Expectations & Playground Enhancement w/"noontime" activities

SDM: Finalization of ByLaws will be sent electronically for review by Knowlton


Meeting 12/3 Agenda

Minutes 10/29

20-21 Master Schedule Collaboration Opportunity(ES/MS) - 12/16

Though we are only 1/3 of the way through the 2019-20 school year, the Superintendent's office has provided the 2020-21 school site budgets and staffing allocations.

Not quite sure about the past practice at Gompers, but we are advised to work in collaboration with master schedules. My past leadership practices have been the following related to the development of the upcoming school master schedule:

Step 1

  • Review/Analyze the school's mission and vision - Overarching goals of the organization
  • Review/Analyze the school's mission, vision from the perspective of an equity lens
  • Examine organizations data in connection with the goals of the organization/current stats

Step 2

  • Reviewing "equity" in application articles w/master scheduling
  • Examine organizations intervention and programs in connection with the goals of the organization
  • Outlining an instructional program that builds, develops the continuum for "ALL" students
  • Reviewing models/examples of scheduling in a K8 continuum

Step 3

  • Resource(s) alignment with instructional program needs to be based on data (qualitative/quantitative)
  • Druthers survey interest

Step 4

  • "Sun" shining drafts of Master Scheduled for the upcoming year

Step 5

  • Submission of appropriate documents to SSC/Budget Office/HRS etc...

If you are interested in participating in this "voluntary" subcommittee, please advise via email me. In past practice, a subcommittee of 7 is a good number to work within a mix of both Gen Ed/SPED/MS and ES teachers.

The dates for the subcommittee meetings are as follows:

  • 12/16 @ 3:40 - 4:45
  • 1/6 @ 3:30 - 4:45
  • 1/27 @ 3:30- 4:45
  • 2/3 @ 3:30 - 4:45
    * An additional meeting might need to be held to support the work of the subcommittee**
Adjunct Duty

Click the embedded link to view

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Gompers Bulletin "parent news"

This parent bulletin is sent via email and text message to parents each week. It will also be available on our school's website.

December 2019

12/ 3 - FIBO Art (see schedule)

12/3 - Miller 9:30 - Zoom Conference Call

12/3 Miller @ Powell 1:30 - 3:00

12/3 - SSC @ 3:45 - Library

12/4 - SPED @ 7:50

12/4 - 5 - SBAC Interim Assessments for 3rd - 8th

12/ 4 - w/Dr. Salazar, Ms. Donnelly re: Broadcast

12/5 - GRADE/DEPARTMENT - Staff Collaboration

12/5 - Dr. Miller's Coffee Hour @ 9:30

12/5 - Ms. Frank offsite

12/5 - TECH Integration Part II

12/6 - Miller @ TRC meeting

12/6 - 4th & 5th Fieldtrips: LBCC and CSULB

12/11 - Middle School Music Concert

12/12 - CIV @ Gompers 8:30 to 11:00

12/12 - Tech Integration Part II

12/13 - Miller, and "select members" ILT to Tincher

12/16 - Subcommittee w/Master Schedule @ 3:45

12/16 - Tech Integration Part II

12/17 - ES Music Concert

12/18 - ES Music Concert

12/12 - Hot Chocolate - Caroling - Sing a Long - 1-2

12/20 - 12/12 - Hot Chocolate - Caroling - Sing a Long - K

12/20 - Minimum Day - Teachers are expected to have their bags packed and be ready to enjoy their family and loved ones...Teachers walk out of the door with students at dismissal