NCE 5th Grade Newsletter

December 4, 2015

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Don't forget to enter our class code NB7KF. The November Order will be due Monday, December 7th. Email Mrs. Mata if your order is a gift and you would like to pick it up without your student knowing.

Reading Round Up

I am so proud of our students! They did a fabulous job on their Reader's Theater presentations, and I got compliments about them from all of the teachers who welcomed us into their classrooms- 12 in all! Due to the popularity of this event, we will prepare more presentations to share with other classes as the year progresses. Reader's Theater is a fun way for students to work on their reading fluency and practice speaking in front of a crowd.

As your students may have shared with you, we are studying the classic Dickens story "A Christmas Carol" for the remainder of our time before winter break. We have watched a variety of versions, from "Mickey's Christmas Carol" to a youtube video "Minecraft Christmas Carol." I encourage you to get reacquainted with this timeless tale by watching your favorite version and discussing it with your student. We are focusing our discussion on why this story is still being told, and why it has been "translated" into so many different forms.

Next week we will have our second major assessment which will cover myths and drama. We have been preparing this week by reading short plays and answering STAAR style questions about them. The best way to help your student be successful on these assessments is to make sure they are reading nightly to build reading stamina, comprehension, and vocabulary. We have also been discussing how to read test questions carefully and interpret what the test writer is asking.

Christmas Movies for Kids Cartoon - Mickey's Christmas Carol

Writing Notes

This week the students began to brainstorm ideas for their myth. They created a brainstorming list full of things that they value. In addition, we discussed the importance in crafting a myth that reflects our culture today. They will craft a fictional story that follows a plot diagram. The students will incorporate setting, conflict, rising action, falling action, resolution, and characters. They will also create their own constellation in the sky after they have written their story. The constellation will be directly connected to their myth. The students are eager to begin writing!

We will continue to work on our myth writing next week.

The 5th Grade Team

Mrs. Griffin

Mr. Krauklis

Ms. Lauden

Mrs. Mata

Home Access Center Instructions

Click here for a PDF explaining how to log in to the Home Access Center

Math in a Minute

This week students took their second math DLA (District Level Assessment). This assessment is used for data purposes only and is not for a grade. It will help me know what skills the students have mastered and what skills I need to continue to review. We have started working on multiplying whole numbers and fractions and will move on to dividing with unit fractions and whole numbers these next couple of weeks. There will be one homework assignment next week. It will be given out on Monday and due on Thursday. Thank you for all of your continued home support!

Mathletics is a great website for math tutorials and extra practice. Students should have their username and password glued into the front of their math notebook.

From the Science Lab

We are currently working on Formation of Fossil Fuels. Our lab today included an activity on layering sediments to simulate coal formation.

The Forces and Motion Experiment Assignment will be due on Friday, December 4th. Have a great weekend!

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Behavior Check Lists

In an effort to increase communications, we will be sending home behavior check lists with students as needed. This is a communication tool to let you know if we are experiencing behavior in the classroom that is impacting learning. If you receive a checklist, please sign and return it so we know you are aware. If you would like to discuss the behavior further, you may email or call to set up a conference. Thank you for your continued support from home.

Pre-AP Informational Meeting

Monday, Jan. 11th 2016 at 10am

Katy ISD Education Support Complex


What - Pre-AP: A Bridge to Advanced Placement

Who - Parents of students in Grade 5

Why - To learn about secondary advanced academic course options

When - Monday, January 11, 2016 (3 sessions to choose from: 10am, 1pm, or 7pm)

Where - Katy ISD Education Support Complex

More information to come in a few weeks.

Adopt A Hero

Student Council is going to be collecting gifts for wounded soldiers and their families through the Adopt A Hero for Christmas charity. The gifts can be for anyone (baby to adult) so finding something is pretty easy. We will start collecting after the Thanksgiving Break (Hint: Black Friday would be a good time to pick up a gift to donate).

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Now collecting 5th grade flashback photos for the yearbook

Email a baby picture of your adorable 5th graders to to have them included on the flashback page.