From the Beginning to the End ^-^

Aaliyah Malone Avid 2 grade 7 1/14/15

Avid inspiration!!!

Avid is a place were you grow and learn to spread your wings to fly to beyond heights of each grade level you pass year by year. What avid stands for is: Advanced, Via, Individual, Determination in which to me means that i myself have to aspire to great heights, not just with the help of others. Avid teaches me things to help me be successful in many ways such as things that involve school work or just staying organized at home.

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Cornell notes

Cornell notes is a great tool to help you study. For example say you have a test that coming up in about a day or two and you want to study for it all you have to do is pull out the notes you took in class and study them. The design makes it easy to read and understand what you are studying. The question side is to the left of the paper, That`s were you write your questions or main ideas in you can make in class or at home. After that you have the note taking side in which you you write down your the notes you take in class or at home, That`s located on the right side of the paper. Then to top it all of you have your summary which is located at the bottom of the paper, your summaries explain what your essential question is about and what your notes go over.

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Tutorials are when you need help on problems for another class such as language arts, math, science, and etc. I think that tutorials are most helpful in math because That`s a subject i struggle the most in. I use my time in tutorials seriously because I want to be able to get my work done and be able in the end to solve the problem that needs to be solved. Tutorials are table groups with a tutorial teacher and six or five of your class mates at a table. Everyone reads there P.O.C (point of confusion) then you each take turns going up to the board and do a thirty second speech about your TRF ( Tutorial Request Form) (which i will get to in the next slide). After your done with that then you try solving your problems with the help of your table mates and tutorial teacher.

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TRF (Tutorial Request Form)

A TRF is a tutorial request form its basically the pass into the classroom on tutorial day. A TRF helps when your done with your tutorial because on the back it asks questions such as : what did you learn about your TRF?, Do you finally understand you problem?, and etc.

A TRF gives me the power go over the problem myself and see if i actually understand the problem that i had problems with.

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TRF ( Tutorial request form)

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Organization is a huge part of avid because if your not organized you can accomplish allot of things. In avid we have binder checks to see how good you are at organizing your binder and if your good at keeping the things you need threw out the school day. Organization is a good way to keep up with the things you need and what you should have on you at all times. Avid has taught me organization and so now every time we do do a binder check I pass easily because i`m just so good at what i do.

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Community Service

Community Service is a also one of my favorite parts about avid. It`s all of the avid students participating, we get to go volunteer to do work just to help. I love community service because I love helping other people just for the experience and what we learn while being there. Avid teaches so many things and that`s why its such a great program.

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i want to grow in all of these areas by just doing what i do everyday and try to do my best. If I put effort into it then i believe that i can achieve anything with the help that i`m getting from avid. Avid will help me grow and develop in areas that will surprise me and i`m hoping that the areas were it`s a little rocky will smooth out will the help of avid.