Keeping Up with Kipling!

December 3, 2021

Dear Kipling Families,

I hope you had a wonderful week!

Here are some important dates:

Monday, December 6th - PTO Gift Drop off at Kipling School

Tuesday, December 7th - Shield Testing Day

Wednesday, December 8th - Early Release

Wednesday, December 8th - PTO Gift Pick up

Friday, December 10th - Spirit Day - Wear your favorite sport team or represent your favorite sport

Please keep in mind that MAP testing starts up shortly after we get back from Winter Break on January 10th.

Please remind your Kipling Cougar to be kind to one another. I am sure that this is something you tell your children often, however, it is always a good reminder. I am noticing that from time to time, we forget to be kind while we are playing games out at recess or while working with other children in the classroom. As a reminder, if someone is saying something or doing something that we don't care for, our Kipling students are told to do these steps:

1. Tell that person kindly to stop - Please stop calling me Mr. Elby - my name is Mr. Elbert.

2. Tell that person to stop assertively - Knock that off! My name is Mr. Elbert!

3. Tell a teacher or grown up. If you tell that person that you tried nice and you tried tough but now I need your help, it shows that you did those steps already!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

Mr. Elbert


Kipling School

Assigned Bus Seats

We are asking you to remind your children that they are required to stay in their assigned seat during the entire bus ride. Knowing where students are sitting is an extremely important part of the 'Test to Stay' Protocol. If a child who sits near your child is diagnosed with Covid-19, it does not necessarily mean that they will need to be quarantined. It simply means that those students who are sitting within three feet will need to be tested on days 1, 3, 5 and 7 after the exposure. If we are not confident that we know who was sitting where, there is a possibility that everyone on that bus will need to enter the Test to Stay Protocol. We are working on this at school as well. Thank you for your assistance.

Book Igloo

Check out Ms. Karasick's class building their Book Igloo in the video below! Well done, Ms. Karasick's class!
What's Good in 109: The Book Igloo

PTO Gift Drive Information

All items for the Holiday Gift Drive must be dropped off at Kipling on Monday, December 6th from 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM or 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM.

- Please Make Sure Items Are Wrapped, Labeled With The Family Member (Example: Family A1) & Include Gift Receipts. If You Purchased A Gift Card For A Family Member, Please Put In An Envelope With The Denomination Indicated.

- Hope Closet Items Do Not Need To Be Wrapped. General Gift Cards That Are NOT For A Specific Family Member Do Not Need To Be Placed In An Envelope. Please Just Write The Dollar Amount On The Gift Card.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Joey Rosen (847.902.7106/

Karin Kreisman (847.997.9903/

Elise Kleinberg (917.929.2527/

Thank you for your support and participation!!

The Philanthropy Committee

Winter Weather Information

A reminder that this week, the district sent out updated information regarding winter weather and our plans for this year. If we can predict that a lot of snow will fall, students/staff/families will be given a heads up for a potential e-learning day. Click below to read more on the district website.


As part of winter weather preparations and making sure we have the right contact info on file for you, the district will be sending out test message next Wednesday at noon. If you haven't checked in a while, take 3 minutes and login to Family Access below to ensure we have the right email and phone number on file for you. If you have any questions, email


Many families have recently chosen to have their 5-11 year old student vaccinated.

As a reminder, your child is not considered fully vaccinated until two weeks after receiving their second dose.

You can complete an optional form in Family Access to let DPS 109 know that your child is vaccinated. This is the same form that was made available to students ages 12 and older earlier this year. Please click below to log into Family Access.

Why are we asking for this information?

A major benefit of completing the form is that if your child is deemed to be a close contact to a positive case, either in school or outside of it, our contact tracing team will quickly be able to potentially rule out quarantine for those that have voluntarily disclosed their child’s vaccination status or minimize the number of additional tests required to participate in the test to stay program.

Again, filing out this form is entirely optional. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to and we will put you in touch with the appropriate department.

Shield Testing (2nd Running)

Due to increased testing volume across Illinois, DPS109 now receives SHIELD results within 48 hours. This slower turnaround time impacts our ability to contact families prior to the next school day with results. We ask for your continued partnership in keeping students healthy and in school. Please complete Daily Health Certifications, and make sure your contact information is current in Family Access to help your nurses/staff efficiently make notifications and contact trace.

2022 - 2023 School Calendar (3rd Running)

The official 2022 - 2023 School Year Calendar was approved by the Board of Education on November 19th, 2021. Please see the calendar on the DPS109 website.

Take 5 Minutes To Answer One Big Question... and help Define 109! (3rd Running)

Our community ThoughtExchange is open and runs through next Friday! We want to hear from you on this one question: What is the most important skill that students today need to have for them to live fulfilling and meaningful lives? You are allowed to leave as many thoughts as you want and rate as many as you want. It's all anonymous! If you've already participated, log back in and leave or rate new thoughts that have come in!
Define 109 ThoughtExchange Question for November