ITL Meeting Notes


Collaborative Planning Action Plans for Next Year

  • Kinder: Resources: Be more prepared = more productivity.
  • 1st Grade: Backwards Design/ Planning: Have plans in by a specific date, utilize the template Cat provided and have it filled out by a specific day. This will allow the opportunity to ask questions, needs, as well as clarity.
  • 2nd Grade: Assessments/Data: Set specific team meeting dates to come prepared to create mini assessments (throughout the cluster) to assist in reconfiguring IE groups.
  • 3rd Grade: Backwards Design/ Planning: Taking more responsibility bysetting roles and dates and rotating the roles ever cluster. Additionally, creating a teacher assessment at the end of each cluster to determine glows and grows.
  • 4th Grade: Backwards Design/ Planning: Two standards unpacked per cluster.

Summer School Update

Ashley M. thanked the teams for turning in the information in a timely manner. She will be sending an update for summer school soon for those students who will be attending. More information will be forthcoming.

Technology Update

  • Summer school will not be utilizing the Macbooks - you will need to clean and pack up both the macbooks/charging cords for the summer.
  • Pod computers will be closed Wednesday, 03June.
  • iDevices (ipad minis and itouches) will be picked up and inventoried on Tuesday, 02June.

27April PD

Please refer to the email sent by Manuel on Wednesday, 22April @ 1:24 PM.

If you are going to take the bus it will leave at 7:30 - Sharp! After the pin ceremony - be back by 12:30 and ready to rock and roll! Packed afternoon - we will work through the 3:30 time frame.

Backwards Planning for Learning Update:

The course will focus on backwards planning, differentiation, and formative assessments by addressing the following questions:

  • What do we expect all students to learn?
  • How do we know when they have learned it?
  • What do we do when they do not learn?
  • What do we do when they already know it?
~These questions will be will be addressed at the next ITL meeting~

Teams will need to gather the following data prior to the end of the school year for the PD:
  • Percentage of below level readers coming to our grade level
  • Percentage of above level readers coming to our grade level
  • Percentage of above level math students coming to our grade level
  • Percentage of below level math students coming to our grade level
  • Number of GT students coming to our grade level
  • Percentage or number of ELL students coming to our grade level
  • Number of dyslexia students coming to our grade level

Should you have any questions, please contact either Manuel or Ashley. Also, either Manuel, Ashley or Cat will be attending the Backwards Planning with your team this summer.

Literacy Committee Update:

  • Working on vertical alignment with response notebooks - great convo's
  • Looked at what we want the response notebooks to look like for each grade level. Are they vertically aligned, looked for gaps and overlaps and are the lower grade levels supporting the next grade level with the same expectations?
  • How important it is to be vertically aligned with rubrics
  • Moving forward with book boxes and looking at the vertical alignment of these boxes and ensuring that we are following the district's expectations as well as the needs of our students.
  • Classroom libraries - how it looks vertically and what is expected in regards to the district's expectations.

Math Committee Update:

  • Will be utilizing a Problem Solving Spectrum - Looking at problem solving and where do you fall on the spectrum.
  • What does both teacher and student center look like for problem solving?
  • What teacher and student behaviors are present at both ends of the spectrum and what evidence supports them being there?
  • Creating a plan of action to move forward.
  • Discussion on how to incorporate the book study and the nine critical habits you have been learning about and how to incorporate those into problem solving?

RTI Committee Update

  • Developed to assist with the anxiety of SST meetings.
  • Working on clarifying what RTI is, how SST fits in, the multi-tier model for students and how that looks.
  • Difference between structure and interventions.
  • Determine how to meet the essentials and develop formative assessments.
  • Trying to make things more streamline.
  • More information will be forthcoming at the beginning of next year.


Manuel wanted to thank you for understanding the validity/importance of these conferences.

  • Manuel shared 4th grades idea of utilizing personalized letters to the parents in an effort to assist with time constraints. A copy was passed around for review.
  • An electronic copy may be obtain by 4th grade.

Should your team choose to go this route, Manuel stressed the following:

  • Prior to sending out the letters, please let Ashley or Manuel know who and how many. Additionally, they would like to view these letters so they may have knowledge of what is being send to the parents.
  • The need to follow up with a phone call asking if they received the letter.

Discretionary Leave Update

Change in the Discretionary Leave

  • Either Ashley or Manuel will be deciding whether to approve or deny discretionary leave.
  • You will need to verbally speak to either Ashley or Manuel first to obtain approval. If approved, it will be necessary for you to fill out the discretionary leave form via eduphoria/ Formspace.
  • Please know the reason of the leave will not be considered. The districts criteria will be based upon whether Ashley or Manuel consider your absence will have an adverse effect on the educational program or district operations. Additionally, the availability of substitutes will be considered too.


  • District inventory is due mid-May
  • Ashley will be sending an email of a Google form/link to fill out.
  • Towards the end of the year, you will receive a manipulative and professional resources inventory to complete.
  • Guided Reading Inventory - start the process of collecting/rounding up books, collect money for lost inventory - Due date: Week of 15May

EOY Letter

When we receive these letters - they will be sent via email. Please complete as you have done in the past.

Books: $170 to spend

This is a legit email from Ms. Andrews...spend, spend, spend this money. Don't leave it on the table!

Master Schedule Update:

  • A committee has developed/created 3 master schedule (from various samples).
  • Manuel's goal is to have your team view these schedules and rank them.
  • The data from this will go back to the committee to discuss/revised.

Class List

Please be mindful of your comments...Just the facts...areas of concern
Once your pink/blue sheets are completed - you will create class lists with your team

Criteria for determining the Math/Reading/Behavior area on Pink/Blue sheets:


  • Tier 1: 10+
  • Tier 2: 4-8
  • Tier 3: 3 or lower
1st Grade:
  • Tier 1: 24+
  • Tier 2: 16-20
  • Tier 3: 14 or lower
2nd Grade:
  • Tier 1: 38+
  • Tier 2: 28-34
  • Tier 3: 24 or lower
3rd Grade:
  • Tier 1: 50+
  • Tier 2: 38-40
  • Tier 3: 34 or lower
4th Grade:
  • Tier 1: 60+
  • Tier 2: 40-50
  • Tier 3: 38 or lower
5th Grade:
  • Tier 1: 70+
  • Tier 2: 50-60
  • Tier 3: 40 or lower



  • Tier 1: Any student who had not met the standard on 1 or 0 CBA's
  • Tier 2: Any student who had not met the standard on 2 CBA's
  • Tier 3: Any student who had not met the standard on 3 or more CBA's


  • Tier 1: Rare parent communication - 4 or less in a 9 week period
  • Tier 2: Success chart - shows improvement / parent communication - once a week
  • Tier 3: Multiple office referrals (ISS/OSS) / Admin check-in for behavior / Success chart not effective after multiple revisions BIP

Important Dates and Info:

  • 27Apr: SD/PD
  • 29Apr: Fire Drill
  • 07May: Open House @ 6:00-7:00
  • 12May: 5th Grade Reading STAAR - 2nd Administration
  • 12May: Kinder Orientation/General PTA Meeting
  • 13May: ITL Meeting
  • 14May: CIT Meeting @ 3:05-4:15
  • 15May: Field Day
  • 15May: Payday (Jeans and College shirt)
  • 18May: Last week of tutoring
  • 19May: Orff Ensemble and Choir Contest
  • 20May: Staff meeting/Class List Due
  • 22May: Make Up for Snow Day
  • 26May: Name/Needs Meeting
  • 27May: Staff Meeting/EOY Checklist Guidelines
  • 04June: EOY Parties
  • 05June: Last Day of School

Something to Ponder:

How can we get to know our kiddos before they come to you for the new school year?

Stay Strong!

With the end of the year approaching, Manuel appreciates all of your hard work and efforts and has asked us all to remain calm and try to keep our cool.