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Week of March 15, 2019

Mid-Way Through 3rd Marking Period

We are already mid-way through our 3rd marking period. If your child is in grades 3-6, please check Power School for a progress report on their grades, tests and any assignments that may be late or missing. Teachers have been inputting grades throughout the 3rd marking period. If you have questions on any assignments, please reach out to your child's teacher through email, phone call or Class Dojo (for some classrooms). If your child is in grades K through 2, you can check in with your child's teacher for an update if needed, as grades are not posted in Power School for lower elementary classes.

Many schools around UCS have had students out ill these past few weeks with similar symptoms: headache, high fever, chills, aches, some with vomiting. At Morgan, we've been monitoring attendance in classrooms daily. Our district supervisor from ABM (cleaning company) has been working closely with us to provide additional cleaning/spraying for disinfection. This week alone, 7 classrooms, all bathrooms, all water fountains and all door handles were provided extra cleaning.

You can help by reminding your child to sneeze/cough into their elbow, instead of into their hands or just into the air. Also, hand washing! It is recommended that students use soap and rub the soap around their hands while singing the ABC or Happy Birthday song before rinsing the soap off of their hands. We will continue to monitor and provide additional cleaning/spraying in classrooms affected with illness. Hopefully this will all run its course soon.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Lasky

Yearbook Sales Start Monday!

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Sales End April 10

It is that time of year! Yearbook order forms should be coming home either today or Monday. The price for a Morgan Memory is the same as last year, $15 per yearbook. Checks can be made payable to: Morgan Elementary

Spring Picture Day--March 28

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The Annual UCS Career Focus Luncheon

Nearly 2,000 UCS sixth graders will be meeting May 1-2 for the annual Career Focus Luncheon, being sponsored by the UCS Foundation for Educational Excellence, in partnership with Sterling Heights Regional Chamber of Commerce. It will provide an opportunity for the district's sixth graders, their teachers and principals to meet with local business and community leaders. As members of the Graduating Class of 2025, it will also acquaint students with the variety of career opportunities which exist.

Patricia Lopez, President of Rose-A-Lee Technologies will provide the keynote address.

Business leaders will sponsor the children's participation, by either reserving an entire table of 10 as a corporate sponsor or by purchasing individual sponsorships. If parents who are also local business owners wish to participate, they can contact the UCS Foundation at 797-6953 or email at

Annual Morgan Parent Survey

As part of our yearly School Improvement process, Morgan Elementary is seeking input from our parent community. Please take a few minutes to answer the survey questions about Morgan Elementary. This information is anonymous and will be analyzed by our School Improvement Team for input into our yearly School Improvement goals.

Your time and input is greatly appreciated!

8 Keys Ticket Winners!

This week's 8 Keys Ticket Winners are:


  • Chloe
  • Jared

Grade 1:

  • Tyler
  • Anthony

Grade 2:

  • Clare
  • Alison

Grade 3:

  • Jake
  • Olivia P

Grade 4:

  • Evan T
  • Lauren B

Grade 5:

  • Brayden F
  • Ava L

Grade 6:

  • Madelyn
  • Hailey R

Our drawing winners could choose to receive either a pencil with one of the 8 Keys on it, a rubber bracelet with an inspiring message, or a book mark. They were so excited to pick a prize and celebrate the 8 Keys of Excellence!

March is Reading Month!

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Morgan Lunch Monitors

Morgan continues to look for additional support during the lunch hour. While our building is allocated a certain amount of paid EduStaff lunch monitors, we can take additional support in the form of volunteers. Students really enjoying seeing their parent/grandparent/aunt/uncle at school during the lunch time helping in the lunchroom or walking around the playground with the kids.

If you are interested in becoming a paid lunch monitor, please click on link below to start an application with EduStaff. EduStaff certified lunch monitors are paid an hourly rate each day they work. EduStaff employees can also complete additional, free, online training sessions and become substitute paraprofessionals for additional paid hours of work.

Morgan also takes volunteers with a current background check on file. If you filled out a Volunteer Sheet within the past few years, you should be able to volunteer for field trips, classroom help and lunch supervision. If you are unsure about your volunteer status, please contact the Main Office and Sharon or Melissa can check for you: 586-797-5800.

If you are interested in volunteering during the lunch hour, which runs from 11:30 AM until 12:15 PM each day, please contact Melissa in the main office and let her know what days you are available to volunteer. Grandparents/aunts/uncles/neighbors are all welcome once we have a background check on file.

If you have any questions, please call Morgan at 586-797-5800 or email Mrs. Lasky at

EduStaff Application

Click here to complete an application to become a lunch monitor.

Morgan School Spirit Days

The Morgan Student Council has announced our School Spirit Days!

Friday, March 29: Wear Dr. Seuss Gear

Monday, April 8: Class T-Shirt Day

Friday, April 26: Wear Favorite Sport Team Shirt/Jersey

Monday, May 6: Class T-Shirt Day

Friday, May 31: Crazy Hair Day

Mark Your Calendar!

Calendar Dates

Mark these dates on your calendar:

March 1 - 31: March is Reading Month

Monday, March 18: Stuffed Animal Day: Camp out with your pet and read to them!

6th Grade Winter Band-o-rama Concert @ Eisenhower High School starting at 7 PM

Wednesday, March 20: 1st Grade Trip to Longway Planetarium

Wear a shirt with writing on it for others to read!

Friday, March 22: Bring a flashlight and read in the dark!

Sunday, March 24: Daddy/Daughter Dance--see information below

Monday, March 25: PTO Meeting @ 6:30 PM at the Hamlin Pub on 25 Mile/VanDyke

Tuesday, March 26: Kindergarten & 1st Grade Music Concerts 6:30 & 7:30 PM

Wednesday, March 27: Reading Goals for Baseball tickets Due TODAY!

Thursday, March 28: Spring Picture Day

Friday, March 29: Wear Dr. Seuss gear and bring a good book to read!

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UCS News and Updates

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Monday, March 25, 2019 @ 6:30 PM. Hamlin Pub on 25/VanDyke

Morgan Volunteers PTO Webpage

Click here to visit the Morgan Volunteers PTO web page and register for updates and volunteer information. Please update your family information each school year.

Morgan Elementary

Mission: Morgan is dedicated to developing lifelong learners through the working relationship of students, staff, and community.

Vision: We are a community of compassionate, committed professionals and learners who become academically successful through collaboration, ownership, and perseverance.