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Better yourself

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At LAHN University, you are our focus. We want to help you grow by expanding your opportunities, exploring your capabilities, and preparing you for life.

Expand Your Opportunities

LAHN University can change your future. With an advanced education comes opportunity. No matter what the major, LAHN college graduates earn on average about $20,050 (61%) more per year than high school graduates (Davidson Adam). In addition, with job growth accelerating last year and the unemployment rate at a near-normal 5.4%, employers are more willing to hire LAHN college grads and train them (Davidson, Paul).

Explore Your Capabilities

Prepare Yourself

Not only do we here at LAHN care about your extracurricular and academic activities, we too want to do all that we can to ensure that by the time you leave our campus you are ready for the world ahead.

LAHN University- The Right Choice for You


Friday, Nov. 13th, 8am

2338 South 186th Circle

Omaha, NE

Juniors and seniors in high school: we invite you to tour our campus! Come take a visit and experience the university first hand. Sign up online at Visit day includes a free tshirt, campus tour, and job fair!

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