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September 23-27


Some of you may be getting your Parent/Teacher Conference schedules ready to send out. Our conference day will be November 5th. Please plan to leave 11:30-12:00 open for your lunch. We will have Gio's for lunch(lasagna, alfredo and salad). Please plan to meet with as many parents as you can. I would also leave time in your schedule for phone conferences for those who can't make it in.

I love all of the great character bulletin boards! They are all amazing! I took pictures of them all and will find some unbiased judges from other schools to vote on their favorite one :0)

Please do not add any personal furniture to the extra music room. We are trying to clean it out in preparation for Winter Wonderland but extra non-school furniture keeps appearing. If you do not want it, throw it away or send an email with a picture of it to see if anyone wants it. THanks!

Important Dates

September 23

2nd grade AMC window closes

Day 5

September 24

PBIS visit 10:00

4th/5th grade HMH reading series webinar 3:45-4:30

Day 6

September 25

Yesenia off campus pm

Faculty Meeting-3:30

4th grade/instructional specialists-snacks

Watch D.O.G.S. Launch 6:30 p.m.

Day 1

September 26

Jen off campus am

Christina off campus pm

Fit Night

Lockdown Drill

Day 2

September 27

LEADS Teacher Self Report due

Character Rally


Day 3


Hopefully you have a twitter account. Twitter is an amazing tool to use to grow professionally. If you don't have a twitter account, go create one! You won't be sorry! If you do, please follow me so I can follow you back. (@jlbuckels) If you don't follow Stephanie Hirsch or Elizabeth Bartley, follow them and see what they are doing in their classroom. If you do have twitter, post the great things happening in your classroom and tag @parrpatriots. If you have questions about twitter, see Jessica or me and we will be glad to help you. I will be sharing people to follow in the upcoming weeks.
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Special Shout out this week to...

EVERYONE!!!! We survived the craziest week! Who would have thought that Imelda would have wrecked this much havoc on our week! You all were AMAZING! I am proud to be a PARR PATRIOT!!!!!!

Teacher Self Report for LEADS due 9/27

T-TESS Goal Setting and Professional Development form due October 4

Example of Goals for T-TESS or LEADS

Click on the link below for directions on how to access Teacher Self Report and T-TESS forms

Character Corner

Word of the Month-Respect

Morning Announcements-Pledge Helpers-Stirgus

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