Dietary Guidelines

By: Dean Tate

What do the Dietary Guidelines do for Americans

Dietary Guidelines give people advice to help people live longer and healthier

Getting enough nutrients within your calorie needs

Your calorie needs is based on your age , gender, activity level and whether you want to gain , maintain, or lose weight . Nutrient dense food is high in nutrients but low and calories
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How to maintain a healthy weight

Risk Factor is a condition increases your chances of having a problem. Health related from to much fat can lead to heart disease , diabetes or high blood pressure. An underweight person does not have much body fat to reserve . You can lose weight by running or eating healthy

Suggestions for for being physically active everyday

Being active living helps you control your weight , strengthens your heart , increase your endurance and flexibility , and reduces your risk of future health problems. Teens should be active for at least 60 minutes a day . You should get involved in a team sport or use the stairs instead of an elevator

The importance of whole grains , fruit , vegetables and milk

Usually they are low in fats ,cholesterol free and low in calories. They protect you from heart disease and cancer. You should eat fruit for snacks instead of sugary foods. You can drink yogurt smoothies for a snack. Make whole grains products the star of your meals

How to limit fats and cholesterol

Saturated and trans fat rises your cholesterol . Too much can lead to heart disease . You should eat as few foods containing trans fat as possible . Get most of your fats from fish , nuts , and healthy oils. Choose fewer solid fats like a stick of butter

Be choosy about Carbohydrates

Food with natural sugars are in nutrients rich fruit and milk. Food that has added sugars are candy and soft drinks. Limit sugar intakes because too much sugar can decay your teeth

Reduce sodium and increase Potassium

Sodium helps control body fluids. Too much sodium can lead to high blood pressure. Potassium helps counteract on the effect of sodium.

Avoid Alcohol

Drinking alcohol can lead to injuries , violence or emotional problems.

Why is food safety important ?

It is important because when food is not handled correctly it can lead to food-borne illness