Feng De Yi

My Grandfather

My Grandfather's Early Life

My grandfather was born on a farm and his family were very poor. Even in a very difficult situation, my grandfather was a really good student. He managed to get a really good score and went to highschool in the city. In 1952 he was selected as a potential person by the Chinese government to go to St. Petersburg's colledge to study mathematics and seismology.

What Amazing Things My Granpa Did >O<

In 1961, my grandpa went back to China to help the atomic bomb research at a research base in Beijing. Even though it’s called a base, it’s actually like a small secret society. There were schools, restaurants, shops and hospitals. And my grandpa first met my grandma at one of the hospitals. As days went by, they decided to marry. After my grandpa finished the research, he became a seismologist. He wrote over 300 scientific essays and did over 30 important national science projects.