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who is walter payton

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.who is Walter Payton?

.why is there a Walter Payton man of the year award?

.How did Walter Payton get his nickname sweetness?

Walter Payton is one of the greatest running backs of all time.

Walter Payton ended his career with a rushing record of 16,726. Walter had the second most rushing yards ever! (Emmitt smith beat Walter with a career rushing total of 18,355).Walter Payton scored 110 touchdowns in his amazing career as a NFL runningback.

Who is Walter Payton?

Walter Payton was born on july 25,1954 in columbia mississippi.Walter didnt play highschool football untill he was a junior because he didnt want to compete with his brother.He went to jackson state during college. Eventualy,he got drafted to the chicago Bears in 1975.

How did Walter Payton get his nickname sweetness?

Walters nickname was first to pick on him,his brother made it up.but it quickly became a badge of honor.Onr reporter said "he runs so sweet it gives me cavaities just watching him".Walter had many nicknames before sweetness like bubba, little monk, spiderman, and sugerman.

Why is there a Walter Payton man of the year award?

"The Walter Payton Man of the Year Award is part of the legacy of Chicago Bears' running back Walter Payton, who passed away in 1999. The award was named for him posthumously. Payton lived an exemplary life on and off the field. As a recipient of the award in 1977, Payton made an indelible mark on fellow NFL players and society."


Thanks for reading about the best runningback of all time.He ended his carreer with the second most rushing yards ever.Walter Payton truely was a great person who helped out lots of people over his life.Walter lived a good life.He died on November 1,1999.