Old Town Star Staff News

April 27th through May 8th

The Ensuing Accountable Talk Discussion of Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! (K-2)

Our ROCK STAR of the Week Is...

Sherri Robinson, one of OTE's Rock STAR Kinder Teachers!!! You are entitled to a week long jeans/shorts pass and the "traveling parking space trophy!!!" CONGRATULATIONS to you!!!!

A little about Mrs. Robinson...

How many years have you been an educator?

20 years

Tell us about your family....

I have been married to my husband, Mike, for 37 years. We have three grown children and three grandkids.

What do you like to do for fun?

See my grandkids!!!!!!!!!!

What's the one thing you enjoy most about working with students and/or families at Old Town?

Seeing students blossom into confident excited learners!

Tell us about one strength you possess.


*If you haven't already done so, please tell us a little about yourself here!

Weekly Reminders...

A friendly reminder to..
  • For the safety of our students, if you let visitors in through the back doors, you must escort them to the office. Also, remind your students to not open the back doors for strangers or anyone not wearing an RRISD badge!!
  • Print Services requests will be approved on Monday mornings only. Please plan accordingly!
  • Have a wonderful weekend!

Our Next Week...

Monday, April 27

Mya’s Coaching Day

Mya to PBL CBP Meeting at Sommer El, 8:00am

BAS opens Kg-2nd

4th grade Career Day!

2nd grade PBL Share Out 1:30 in classrooms

4th PBL Speaker 1:45 Cafe

Brief Meeting with Team Leaders in Conf Room. 3:05pm

Tuesday, April 28

Character Awards Kg-2nd 7:45 Cafe

Georgia’s Coaching Day

5th grade ½ day PBL planning AM

Mya’s off campus to PTA Council Luncheon

Progress reports go home today

PTA Executive Board Mtg 6:30

Happy Birthday Vicky Arms!

Wednesday, April 29

Mya’s Coaching Day

Character Awards 3rd – 5th 7:45 Café

5th Blanton Museum of Art 9:15

Popcorn Day!

Star Store 3-5th

Vertical Team Mtg 3:05

Kona Ice 2:45

Thursday, April 30

5th Blanton Museum of Art 9:15

ARD Mtgs (see separate schedule)

Friday, May 1

SSTs K-5 (see separate agendas)

Hats off to our Volunteers! Appreciation Breakfast 7:30am, Library

National School Principal’s Day!

Fire Drill 8:15am

2nd grade to YMCA 9:15

3rd grade to Austin Zoo 9:15

5th grade parent brown bag w/ Toni Hicks 12pm, Science Lab

Happy Birthday Kathryn Warner!

Saturday, May 2

Happy Birthday Marie Schmidt!

Link of the Week!

“Success is achieved by developing our strengths, not by eliminating our weaknesses” -Marilyn vos Savant

Kudos to this Week's Staff Stars...

What another full and exciting week!!!

Happy Administrative Professional's Day to Shannon, Marie, Kleymer and Kerrie! We hope you enjoyed your special day!!

Many, many thanks to Kelly, Georgia and the entire FLEET of staff it took to make this year's STAAR Testing so smooth. We have undoubtedly exemplified this year's theme of being one TEAM of many strengths to prepare each of our Texans to give us their best this week.

Our primary teachers and students did an AMAZING job keeping the halls quiet during transitions and providing tasty treats! Our wonderful Custodians and Cafeteria teams showed unwavering patience and flexibility with the schedule changes. THANK YOU!!!

As always, THANK EACH OF YOU for your hard work and your commitment to delivering world class instruction to our Texans despite some of the challenges we may face along the way!

Have a FABULOUS Weekend!!!

The Week After...

Upcoming Events:

Monday, May 4

Mya’s Coaching Day

BAS opens 3rd – 5th

AIMSWeB Kg-5th opens

Teacher Appreciation Week (PTA reserved the Science Lab all week!)

PTA staff luncheon

Teacher of the Year Reception 6pm.

Tuesday, May 5

Rdg/Wtg CBA Window Opens (2nd grade)

Book Fair 7:30-6:30pm. – Library

Environmental Art Club Meets 3:00pm.

3rd grade Music Performance 6-7pm. Café

Happy Birthday Vicky Arms!

Wednesday, May 6

Mya’s Coaching Day

National Nurses Day!

Science CBA 4th grade & 3rd grade

PTA staff luncheon

Book Fair 7:30-3:30pm

Early Release 12:45pm.

Faculty Mtg 1:00pm (in the Science Lab) – Identifying Child Abuse/ Class Placement w/ Pinks & Blues

Birthday Social Goodies, 3rd grade

Thursday, May 7

ARD Mtgs (see separate schedule)

SBAC Mtg. 3:05pm.

Friday, May 8

SST’s – Academic Danger Meetings

PTA staff luncheon

5th grade picture orders due today!

Saturday, May 9

Election Day 8:00-5:30pm.

Sunday, May 10

Happy Mother’s Day

Old Town Elementary Mission

To highly engage ALL learners in a collaborative atmosphere of critical & creative thinking