Name: Knight also known by his alias ''Bad Knight''

Alias: ''Rapid Rape'' ''Bad Knight'' and ''Lusty Liver''

Sex: Male

Position: Knight

Crime: Getting away with the only thing that women posses, Rape

Last seen: Looking for what women desire the most around the village.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Hazel

Tattoos: Right arm; heart saying: ''I like em' virgin''

Michael Jackson - Bad


If you find the knight before he completes his quest you will be rewarded with:

  • Free Beer
  • Recognition by the queen
  • 1000$ in gold.


  • Rape
  • Violated court rules of King Arthur
  • Violated Chivalry Code

Last Seen!

By the prairie, near to a farm, suspiciously talking to a woman. We interviewed the woman and she just said that the knight asked her ''What do women desire the most''
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Tuesday, March 17th, 9-11pm

21 Bloomsbury Street


The Wife of Bath is currently organizing a protest from jail to promote women's dominion in marriage life, and to raise awareness of women's wisdom.

The infamous ''Old Lady'' A.K.A ''Ms. Cougar'' is joining her protest.