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Internet Searches and Facilities

Internet Searching

People use the internet on a daily basis, if not an hourly basis, this is one of the best ways to see what tools are on offer for management information and making a system accessible from the internet allows users to see it either through Wikipedia or another editing site or even closed off entirely for a private audience.

Internet systems can be protected using a simple user and password instance, and the organisation does not have to manually setup their own system as the online world may already have all the tools necessary to facilitate the build, this also saves time as tools will be made available quicker for users or staff who want to use the system.

An example of a system online could be online shopping sites like Amazon and GAME, they will use a database type system that stocks all current products and will update the staff on changes to prices or stock levels depending on the availability of a product, this can also be used to store customers online details so they can register and login.


There are many facilities within information management which cater for how people use and interpret information, for example, internet searching is a popular tool for people who want to search for information using popular search engines like Google and Bing, by typing a keyword into the search bar the engines are able to filter sites within a page that correspond with that keyword, so for example, if I typed football into Google then it will show results like or the wiki page for football, people can also find tools by searching on these search engines.

Another facility could be a login system, this uses a user ID and password to protect information or data about a user, the password is unique to the user and is basically a security procedure to allow them to redirect to the users account after being inputted, the user ID is used as a unique reference to a user and people can use it to interact with another user.