Paget's Disease

By Jadyn Lopez



  • 1. A disease, occurring chiefly in old age, in which the bones become enlarged and weakened, often resulting in fracture or deformation.
  • 2. A form of breast cancer affecting the areola and nipple.
  • 3. A skin cancer arising from apocrine sweat glands.


  • Bone pain, some people mistake it for common pains
  • Deformed bones, such as bowed leg, curved spine, and enlarged skull or hips
  • Broken bones or fractures

How do you become affected:

  • People with Paget's Disease have to much enzymes in their blood.
  • Paget's Disease is diagnosed with X-rays, so the doctor with scan your whole body to see whether you have it or not.


  • Osteoporosis drugs, which are commonly given as and oral medication
  • Surgery is a less common treatment for this disease

Interesting facts:

  • People 40 and older are most commonly affected by this disease
  • Men are more commonly affected than women
  • The disease is most common in England, Scotland, central Europe, and Greece. It's uncommon in Scandinavia and Asia.
  • If you have a close relative with Paget's Disease, you are more likely to get it your self.