the ear the eye and the arm

By:Aislinn S.

The new vocabulary

glazed :



a glossy shiny cover

forcefully :


power force


Witchcraft- when people believe the are witches by blood or curse but witchcraft can also be learned.

Praise singing- is a traditional part of African culture and is used as a compliment even if it sounds like a offensive term.

Monomatapa lived in the 15th century supposed to rule avast kingdom from the kalazambique. The nordo was a important symbol of rank and authority MONOMATAPA wore on his head.

the new names!

chapter one-the life we live

This would be a good name for this chapter because it tells about how they live.

chapter two-my dream your dream

this would be a good name for this chapter because it tells about there dreams

chapter 3-the adventure begins

it tells about when they start the adventure

chapter 4-somethings fishy

because there is something weird going on

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TRK what it means to be a kid in Zimbabwe Africa 2194

kuda :I think that kuda is scared because he is so little and he is going weeks with out his mom and he is going throw changes and he has to work harder than someone his age should.

Rita: i think that rita is actully scared inside but is trying to stay brave for kuda and to show the she elephant she is no push over.

tendai :i think that tendai is nervous because he knows that there going to be sold he is scared for rita because she talks back to the she elephant.

Fantasy favorites!

The blue monkey (robots of that form are not crated yet)

people rising from the landmass around the kids

(not a ideal occasion that would happen).

the new ways

Mellower - i think that they used this word to tell about what people and family's called mellowers. Tendai - is not a common name maybe in Africa but not in america so it must be common. Rita- is a common name but comes from another culture. kuda- i think that it is not a very common name from any culture or so i think :)!

the good and the evil:):(

Good : Tendai,




,the ear the eye and the arm

.Evil fist knife blue monkey she elephant.

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were to go!!:)

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