Quentin Bryce

Quentin Bryce

when was Quentin Bryce born ?

Quentin Bryce was born in Brisbane in 1942 her Birthday is on 23/12/1942. To day she is 75 year old .

What was this person's childhood like ?

Quentin Bryce spent her childhood in a Central in Westen Queensland which is call Illfracomboe.She was growing up with notiosn and concepts of Equalaty and opportunity.

For what was this person best know as ?

She was the first woman to hold the the psition and was prviously the governor of Queensland from 2003 to 2008.She contributed to abvancing human.

education; she graauated with the degrees of bachelor of arts and bachelor of los from the university of Queensland .she was an caaderc lawyer community and human rights

avocatte come senior public office university college prusibel and vice regal repress entative in Queensland .

family; Quentin Bryce was married to Michale in 1961.Thay hade two daughters and three boys and ten grand children she was the secend in of four daughters her perents name where norman waltta stracham and edwia naids Wetzel. she attended the comp hill stat school and she met her future husband there for the first time .

hobbies talents; excellent leadership a willingness to raise and debate issues .generous

she is mentor friend and a good role model.

She had a dog commitment to serve and help people..


Founding chair and CEO national child care Accreditation council in 1993 to 1996

she was awarded an honorary doutoarate of laws by meqaurie university (NsW) IN 1998

AN honorary doctorate oh letters by Charles staurt university (NSW)2002

In 2010 she received an honorary doctorate of laws from sdyney university ..