Mole Project- Sodium Polyacrylate

'Mole Baby'

Sodium Polyacryalate

Sodium Polyacryalate, also known as waterlock, is a superabsorbent polymer and can be used in a broad array of consumer products. It is a salt derived from polyacrylic acid, and has the ability to hold as much as 300x its initial mass in water.


Sodium Polyacrylate is used in products such as:


artificial snow


thickening agents


NASA garments

Molar Mass: 94.04481 g/mol

Fun Fact: Sodium Polyacrylate is used in NASA's 'Maximum Absorbency Garments'

Explanation of Theme

For my project, I decided to design my mole to look like a baby wearing a diaper. My reasoning for this was that my compound, sodium polyacrylate is used as the superabsorbent polymer to soak up liquids in diapers. Another feature I added to the design of my mole is it's bonnet.

Chemical Properties

Stability: stable, yet moisture sensitive

Toxicity: irritant to eyes, skin, and respiratory system

Physical Properties


crystalline solid (dry)

squishy and jelly-like (wet)