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How to Buy the Best Bowling Shoes For Comfortable and Safe Play

If you have never bought bowling shoes before, you would be wondering where to begin. As a matter of fact, the bowling shoes are not often seen outside the local alleys. If you are a frequent player, you should definitely have a pair of your own. In case, you play only during holidays or once in a blue moon, you can rent them as well. Let us look at some tips to get the best bowling shoes.

Buying versus renting

The rented shoes often contain soles that are universal and comfortable for beginners. You can rent such shoes from a specialist bowls supplier. However, they are not durable and you should prefer investing on a brand new comfortable pair, if you play often.

Performance versus athletics

An athletic styled bowling shoe features the looks and feel of regular athletic shoes yet is made especially for the bowling game. It typically has a sliding sole, which is perhaps the best option for beginning bowlers. The performance bowling shoes are made specifically for bowling purpose to attain better performance.

The Right Fit

The bowling shoes are available in a number of sizes. Do not buy the shoes that are too tight or too loose. Instead, invest on one, which will make you feel comfortable in the long run.


Try buying shoes with padded linings for better comfort. You can ask a specialist bowls supplier about the brand or company that sells the best pair of bowling shoes.