Clean Renewable Reliable

What is Hydropower and how does it work

Hydropower is a clean, renewable, and reliable source of energy. Hydropower converts to kinetic energy from falling water and it is also electrical power that is produced by nature.

This is how hydropower works. First you build a dam and the dam stores water behind the reservoir. Gravity causes the water to fall through the penstock and at the end of the penstock there is a turbine propeller. The propeller is turned by the water and goes through a shaft from the turbine and goes up into a generator. After power lines are connected to the generator and that carry's electricity to your home.

Advantages and disadvantages of hydropower


Hydropower contains no greenhouse gas or air pollution and is environmentally friendly. Hydropower also has high efficiency and is stable and reliable.


Large power plants can lead to

major environmental damage and can disrupt the natural flow of waters. Also hydropower can cause earthquakes, erosion, landslides and major flooding. Hydropower generating stations can damage the environment. Water turbines kill 50% of fish that swim through the turbine and it also takes takes away space for ideal spawning points for fish. The pressure of the the turbines pull fish into them.

Why are alternative sources important

Alternative sources are important because we need them to power cities and warm houses.Also they help us to be able to cook food and it gives us light to make or houses bright.


Did you know.....

The worlds largest dam is located in China and is OVER 60 stories high and 2km wide. It also gives 6000 killawats and the dam is called THE GORGES DAM.

Did you know.....

There is a dam being built in China and construction started in 2005 and will be finished by 2015. Also the maximum capacity is 12600 MEGAWATTS

and is twice the size of THE GORGES DAM. It is going to be called THE XILUODU DAM.

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