Donovan Family Digest

September 11, 2020


Live Virtual Learning Expectations are being taught this week to our students. As we move forward with Zoom as our teaching platform, we ask for your support as we continue to boost these expectations. It is challenging to start out virtually when teachers have not yet met their students, and in order to maximize student security and effective learning on Zoom, we ask that you review the following procedures with your student:

  1. We are asking that every student's Zoom "screen name" is his/her first and last name. This will allow teachers to ensure that only students who are members of a particular class are able to join a Zoom. If your child does not have his/her first and last name visible, the teacher may not allow a child into a ZOOM until the name is properly displayed.
  2. We are asking that you remind your child that Zoom links allow us to maintain the safety and security of our students. The Zoom link that is shared for each class is only intended for use by students assigned to that class. It is important that students do not share a Zoom link with anyone else, including siblings. Links are for each individual student and not intended to be used by other family members.
  3. In this time where teachers are working to get to know their new students and build relationships, the Live Virtual Learning Expectations state that students should have their video on.
  4. Teachers are monitoring students on their device. There is limited monitor space for additional icons so only ONE device per student can be logged in. A student cannot be logged in multiple times from multiple devices.
  5. At no time should a student ever record or take photos of students during class or on a ZOOM. Should students violate privacy or student code of conduct, it may result in a disciplinary action.

Your support and assistance with these items above will be incredibly helpful to us as we strive every day to improve the Live Virtual Learning Experience and maximize the instructional time in each class.

IMPORTANT Weekly Announcements

  • Sept 14 - Supply pick up: For those families who were unable to pick up their child's supplies this week, they are available on a table at the main entrance on Monday, September 14th 8:30 a.m. - 2:45 p.m.
  • Sept 14 - LDS Golf Outing @ Knob Hill
  • Sept 17 - PTO Meeting 7 p.m. Virtual


  • Sept 23 - Back to School Night - Virtual 6:15 General Welcome 6:35 Classroom Session 1 7:05 Classroom Session 2
  • Sept 28 - clothing Drive & Yard Sale 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
  • Sept 28 - NO SCHOOL



If you have not done so already, we encourage you to have a conversation with your student regarding the district mandate that all students will wear a mask from the time they enter the school bus and/or the school grounds until the time they exit the bus and/or school grounds. We will also address this expectation and the important role it plays in the safety of others, but we appreciate your support in this endeavor.

Please see the graphic below that identifies the face coverings that are acceptable for school and those that are not acceptable for school. Please ensure your student's mask meets the acceptable criteria and any designs on the mask are school appropriate.

Big picture

Health Screening

When your child begins attending school "in person", the district requires you to complete a daily health screening.

1. Log onto Genesis Parent Portal each morning and fill out the survey for each of your children. Please be honest with your responses. If your child is showing symptoms, keep them home. They can still participate in virtual school that day :) Make this part of your morning routine (wake up, observe for illness, log into Genesis and complete the questionnaire, brush teeth, eat breakfast, go to school.


If you do not complete the Health Questionnaire, your child will NOT be able to start the school day with their classmates :( Students will be brought to the nurse for screening. You will be called to verify that your child is in good health and not been in close contact

with a COVID-19 positive person. This DAILY SCREENING SURVEY is extremely important to keep our schools safe.

When in doubt....stay out.

Headache? Sore throat? Just not feeling so great?

If your child wakes up and is not feeling well, please keep him/her home. If your child is scheduled to be present in school, but can still participate virtually for the entirety of the day, please allow them to do so! It will not count as an absence as long as he/she is present and completing instruction throughout the day! Be sure to communicate this to the teacher/front office by 8am. Thank you!


In your supply bag, you will find a COHORT TAG with the letter A/B and your child's name. Please adhere this to your child's backpack. He/She will need to show the tag entering the building on his/her assigned days. Thank you!


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Family Survey

School Hours

As you recall last year, L.D.S. moved to a Tier 2 School.

If it were a typical school year with a normal opening, hours would be 8:10-2:55.

Due to the need to stagger arrival and sanitize buses in between runs, the hours are as follows:

Doors open at 8:05

School Begins at 8:25

Students are dismissed at 12:25

Water & Snack

Water fountains will not be available for student use. You may choose to send your child in with a water bottle to consume during snack time. Please send in a small healthy snack for your child each day. Weather permitting, it is our goal to hold a brief snack break outdoors. Please send a snack with your child that is easy to manage independently.

Donovan Wonderings FAQ

As both a parent in Freehold Township, and an administrator, I have experienced the same levels of concern, challenges, and questions as so many of you over the past several months. I truly empathize and understand. It is only natural that questions arise, clarity is needed, and bumps in the road occur. We will have an ongoing "Donovan Wonderings" form embedded in our weekly Donovan Digest. If you have additional questions, concerns or ideas...this is the place to put them. We will try and get back to each of you if there is a problem that needs a solution, or a question that needs clarification. If for some reason you need an immediate answer, please email Mrs. Benbrook directly.