Stop Smoking...!

Some Causes and Effects..!


Teenagers who smoke are influenced to smoke by their friends, families, celebrities, and advertisements. Teens believe smoking is something they have to do in order to be cool, fit in, and feel like an adult. When we are around family and friends who smoke we are surrounded by second-hand smoking. And our wonderful celebrities help smoking companies advertise how fun and great smoking is; cause us to want to follow our role models and the famous people in which we admire and look up too!

Smoking Kills..!


Smoking is one of the major things that kills you. Smoking causes your lungs to turn black and eventually if it doesn't kill you, then it will put you in the hospital on life support struggling to breathe and waiting for that new lung to arrive. Leaving you to feel guilty for what you have done to yourself. Smoking gives you cancer and more specifically it gives you LUNG CANCER!! So Stop Smoking or Never Start!!!