Stop Pollution In Your Cafeteria!

By: Grace Suhocki

People Pollute During Lunch

During lunchtime at schools, students and staff pollute the Earth. You may not realize it, but there are many little things you can to to reduce or stop the waste during lunch.

Laws And Previous Solutions

As of now, the average school only provides recycling bins. There are no laws related to lunch pollution. The schools decide how much money and effort they want to put into helping the environment; just like some schools have gardens but it is not required.

Reusable Utensils

The perfect solution to all the utensils thrown out every day, a reusable utensil set! This particular set contains a stainless steel knife, spoon, an fork; also, salt and pepper shakers all in one conveniently sized case. Not only does this help save and protect the environment, but it also saves you money. You have to buy the plastic utensils, or the school does. If every student had one of these sets, think of how much money and waste would be saved!
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Composting Reduces Waste

What you can do to get the average waste of one person down is to compost. Composting is a way to add nutrients to soil while reducing waste, and, it's free! If you make a compost pile in your backyard, each time you finish eating, you put your food scraps onto it. Water it occasionally, or leave it to the rain! Every few weeks, turn the pile. Turning the pile lets oxygen get to all parts of compost pile. The final product is a fabulous fertilizer!
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Buying In Bulk

The largest contributor to waste in the American garbage can is paper and packaging materials, roughly 31%. Another way to lessen the amount of air pollution and garbage waste is to buy your snacks in bigger packages. It takes a lot of energy for factories to produce the small packages. That energy makes smoke which pollutes the air. Think about when you are at home preparing your lunch for the next school day, buy big packages, then use reusable containers to pack the right portion of that snack that you eat.
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Reasons For Choosing These Solutions

I chose these solutions because they are easy for sixth graders to do. Also, these solutions are extremely cheap! They are great for you and the environment.

Effects And Impacts

If we don't keep the amount of trash in landfills down, who's to say that the garbage won't end up in your backyard? Your town may need to buy more land space for the dump. Taxes could eventually be raised to better handle the overwhelming amount of trash.

Another place that trash might have to be dumped is in animal habitats which could lead to effects on the world.