Trauma surgeon

By:Caroline Duke

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Job Description

In all the field of segury trauma is one of the most stressful and demanding. this is because the patience that we deal with come in with life threatening injerys / diseases and you never know what youre going to get next. They help patients with severe and life-threatening injuries like blunt-force trauma and deep wounds. Some patients are hurt in traffic accidents, violent attacks, and household mishaps.


Trauma surgeons are required a high school diploma then four years of regular medical school and earn a doctor of medicine. Then they usually move on the general surgery and lastly have to get a doctors or professional degree in trauma

Salary & Benefits

Trauma surgeons have one of the highest wages of all the types of surgeons. The average yearly pay is around 350,000 dollars. The highest pay is near 385,000, and the average low yearly pay is 334,000. The main benefit of a trauma surgeon is that the pay is super high.

Interesting Facts

  • Trauma kills more people under age 44 than cancer, heart disease, AIDS, and other diseases.
  • Annual trauma costs in the U.S. are estimated at more than $700 billion.
  • Each year, trauma accounts for 37 million emergency room visits and 2.6 million hospital admissions