Tournament at Gorlan

By John Flanagan

The King's Rangers

The Rangers are an elite group of soldiers and they act as peacekeepers in the kingdom, often helping locals to deal with bandits. They are trained in battle strategy and they are expert marksman. They utilize the longbow, a powerful bow that can easily pierce the metal armor of knights. The Rangers also are master at moving without being seen or heard. Many characters in the Ranger's Apprentice and Ranger's Apprentice: Early Years are Rangers.


Crowley is one of the two main protagonists in The Tournament at Gorlan. He is one of the few remaining Rangers in the kingdom. He discovered Morgarath's plot to overthrow the kingdom and take over. Crowley was trained by Pritchet, one of the most skilled Rangers from the last generation. Crowley is very skilled at moving without out being seen or noticed, important skills in his line of work. He is the one who convinces all of the Ranger's to join Halt and his attempt to stop Morgarath. He is also voted to be the leader of the Rangers.


Halt is one of the two main protagonists in The Tournament at Gorlan. He is the rightful heir to the throne of Clomnel. His brother attempted to assassinate him in order to become king. Halt went into hiding, training with Pritchet to be a Ranger. He ran into Crowley as he was fighting Morgarath's soldiers; after Morgarath offered him a job. Halt is a master at forging seals on documents. He is not an official Ranger but is highly skilled in all aspects of the job. He is the one who incapacitates the messages that give Halt and Crowley the name of the Rangers they recruit.


Baron Morgarath is the antagonist in The Tournament at Gorlan. He is planning to overthrow the King by becoming his heir to the thrown, then killing him. He discredits Prince Duncan by sending an impostor to raid across the border and cause trouble with the common people. He is also the most skilled knight in the kingdom with the exception of Prince Duncan and Baron Arald. At the tournament Morgarath tries to kill Arald by using a war lance in a joust, this is considered illegal.

Baron Arald

Baron Arald is Morgarath's nemesis. He is the defending champion of the Golden Spur award, the prize given for being the champion of the annual Gorlan Tournament. He has a major following amongst the Baron's and is the most influential person in the group besides Duncan. Arald survives Morgarath's attempt at his life the first time, to be almsot killed again as Morgarath attacks him with his sword.

Prince Duncan

Prince Duncan is the heir to the throne of Araluen. Morgarath is discrediting him by sneding a fake to terrorize the civilians and raid across the border. The actual Duncan was trapped in Castle Wildriver. Halt and Crowley broke into the castle in order to free him. Later in the book Duncan defeats Morgarath in single combat, after Morgarath tries to kill Arald with a war lance.