Coniferous Forest

By: Qaim Abbas Period 2

5 Abiotic Factors

  • Temperature
  • Sun
  • Pebbles
  • Mountains
  • Icicles

5 Biotic Factors

  • Cone trees
  • Evergreen trees
  • Hamlocks
  • Bears
  • Flies
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About the Coniferous Forest

The coniferous forest is known for its poisonous yew's, long winters, and multiple species of trees. Annually the amount of precipitation is about 300 to 900 millimeters. Also, the temperature can go from -40C to 20C, and the average summer temperature is is about 10C. The summers can be very humid in the coniferous forest. The soil type in the coniferous forest are podzols, and acidic soil.

How Do Humans Help and Harm This Biome?

Humans are cutting down trees in the forests for paper and other materials. Illegally people are dropping garbage and and other harmful materials in the forests. Even though, humans are harming the environment they also help it. People all around the world are celebrating earth day to save the earth. Also, it is law that for every tree that is cutdown another seed must take its place.

Interesting facts

  • The coniferous forest consists of two main layers, the overstory and understory.
  • The coniferous forest cover 15% of the earths land surface.

Limiting Factors and Biodiversity

The coniferous forest is known for its biodiversity of plants, animals, and other species. There is a enormous variety of trees in this biome. Such as the evergreen tree, cone tree, pine tree, and etc. Also some limiting factors in the coniferous forest would be amount of rainfall. The amount of minerals in soil is also a limiting factor.