Iran In Progress


Ana and Braydon´s Project


  • Iran is located in the continent of Asia.
  • It´s near Iraq; also the Caspian Sea, Persian Gulf, and the Golf of Oman.
  • There are 2 major cities: Tehraht and Isfahan,
  • It´s over 1.648 million square kilometers.
  • Iran´s landforms are moountain ranges.
  • Some of Iran´s resources are: Natural Gas, Zinc, Copper, Ore, Iron, Coal, ect...


  • Iran is an Islamic Republic Community.
  • The President, (Hassan Rouhan), is the leader in Iran.
  • The Defense Budget is 6,300,000,000 dollars.
  • There Manpower is 46,247,556 people.
  • Iran´s Allies are Syria, Venezuela, and Russia.


  • 1981- The American hostages were released 444 days after captivity.
  • 1990- A major earthquack strikes Iran, killing about 40,000 people.
  • 2014- World Powers and Iran begin implementing a deal on Iran´s Nuclear Program following intense talk in Geneva.