Transitioning to Connally MS

5th Grade Transition Activities Newsletter

Last Updated : 01/17/2023

This newsletter has been rearranged to include the most recent activities and events first. Past activities and events will be listed at the bottom.


Parents/Guardians may click on the following link to request a school choice transfer to an open Northside campus for the 2023-2024 school year.


All course requests for the 2023-2024 school year have been entered. You can review your child's selections on HAC. Once in HAC, click on the "CLASSES" button, then the "SCHEDULE" tab. Scroll down to review the 2023-2024 course requests.

If you would like to make changes, please complete the following form to request a change. If you have any questions, you may call the Connally Counseling office at 210-397-1032.

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Jan. 3rd - Jan. 13th at Elementary

HAC entry for the 2023-2024 school year will be completed by the elementary counselor. Counselors will gather Planning Guides and assist students with inputting their courses into the Home Access Center during classroom guidance lessons. Please note that once students input their courses, please do not go in and make changes. All changes will revert back to the information on their planning guides. Students and families will be able to request changes at a later date to ensure proper documentation and entry. We appreciate your cooperation in following this process. If you have any questions, please contact the Connally MS Counseling Office @ 210-397-1032 and request to speak with your child's counselor based on last name.


Dec. 1st - Dec. 16th at Elementary

Planning Guides for the 2023-2024 school year will be completed by the elementary counselor. Counselors will walk students through the selection process during classroom guidance lessons. Please take the time to review your child's courses with them to make the best choices possible. Students will choose the following...

Required Courses

1 - ELA (blocked class)

1 - Math

1 - Science

1 - Social Studies

1 - PE/Healthy Habits

1 - Advisory

Elective Courses

1 - Fine Arts

1 - Alternate Elective



All incoming 6th graders slated to attend Connally MS are welcome to join us for a Parent Night and Electives Showcase. Meet with Administrators and Counselors for a brief information session in the cafeteria at 5:30pm to discuss the planning guide and classes for the 2023-2024 school year. Afterwards, feel free to roam the halls and visit with our six fine art elective classes open to 6th graders. Students will choose one fine art elective as a year long class for their 6th grade year. All students will have PE as it is a required course.

Parent Night & Electives Showcase

Tuesday, Nov. 29th 2022 at 5:30pm

8661 Silent Sunrise

San Antonio, TX

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5th Grade Parent Presentation


We are excited to be hosting our school tours to all students slated to attend Connally Middle School by attendance zone. We will transport students from our four feeder elementary schools who are slated to attend Connally on the below listed dates. Your elementary school counselor will share more information with you.

If you attend Elrod, Timberwilde, Carson, or NW Crossing and are not slated to attend Connally Middle School but would like a tour, please see your elementary school counselor regarding details and permission.

If you are slated to attend Connally MS by attendance zone and attend and elementary school outside of our feeder patter, please contact Mrs. Chavez, Connally Counselor at (210) 397-1027 for details and permission.

Any other students wishing to attend Connally Middle School, please contact Mr. Drumm, Connally Principal at (210) 397-1010 regarding details and permission.

Elrod & NW Crossing

Thursday, Nov. 17th 2022 at 9-11am

8661 Silent Sunrise

San Antonio, TX

Timberwilde & Carson

Friday, Nov. 18th 2022 at 9-11am

8661 Silent Sunrise

San Antonio, TX

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All are invited to share in an evening of fun and games with the Connally community. Join us at our Fall Fest to celebrate our fine arts programs and engage in a little learning as well.
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This is CONNALLY!!!

We enjoyed our visits to each of our elementary feeder campuses to talk to you about your middle school. Mrs. Chavez and our 8th grade students had so much fun playing games with you and giving you a small taste of what Connally Middle School is all about. Next up...TOURS! We can't wait to have you over so you can experience Coyote Country in person!
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Principal's Welcome!

Future Coyotes,

It is with great excitement that we prepare to welcome our newest coyotes to Connally Middle School for the 2023-2024 school year. We are more than eager to begin the middle school transition process and have you walking the hallways and visiting our school - your school! Having the opportunity to build relationships with our students early, is a major key to their success in transitioning to middle school. Please use this newsletter as a guide to plan to join us in all of the fun activities we have planned for you. I am so excited you are coming to join our pack!

Welcome to Connally Middle School and I hope to see you soon!

Mr. Drumm, Principal

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