Asteroids, Meteors, and Comets

Chris Shroyer

Asteroids- larger than meteoroids, 3 different types

C-type= mostly made of carbon, very common

M-type= mostly made up of metals, very rare

S-type= mostly made up of silicon, reflect light

Meteoroids, meteors, meteorites

Meteoroids- When it is still in space

Meteor- When it is still in earth's atmosphere

Meteorite- When it hits the ground, much smaller


Nucleus-frozen center made of ice, gas, dust, very small

Coma- roughly spherical, gas surrounding nucleus, composed of water vapor, carbon dioxide, ammonia, dust, neutral gases.

Dust tail- made of dust, fades away from sun

Ion tail- charged gas, faces away from sun

Haley's comet is a famous comet.