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September 16, 2022


Dear Families,

As a school, we always want our students and staff to know what to do to remain safe and to be prepared for emergency situations. This week we reviewed our ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate) Safety Plan with staff and students. Next week we will conduct a safety drill with the entire school.

In the Sudbury Public Schools, school safety is our top priority. We partner with the Sudbury Police and Fire Departments to ensure that we are using the best practices and techniques to maximize safety within our schools.

Our teachers are skilled at delivering information in a calm, age-appropriate way. They talk about how it is unlikely that we have a fire at school, but we practice fire drills so we are ready for that emergency. We practice any drills -- fire drills, safety drills, bus evacuation drills -- to be better prepared.

When talking to your children about feeling safe at school, you may consider emphasizing the following:

1. Reassure children that school is a safe place. School staff members work with parents and community helpers, like police officers and firefighters, to keep everyone safe.

2. The school building is safe. All the exterior doors are locked and visitors are buzzed into the school. We utilize video cameras around the exterior of the school. All school staff and visitors wear badges so we know who is supposed to be in the school. Safety drills and fire drills are practiced.

3. We all play a role in school safety. If you ever hear or see anything that makes you nervous or concerned, tell an adult immediately.

4. Don’t dwell on the worst possibilities. Although there is no absolute guarantee that something bad will never happen, it is important to understand the difference between the possibility of something happening and the probability that it will affect our school.

As always, if you have specific concerns that have not been addressed, please reach out to us for more information.

Have a great weekend,



Click here to pre-order Photo Packages. Note: Your child’s picture will be used for the school ID system and 2022/23 School Yearbook

Why Pre-Order?

  • Order before September 23rd 2022, for Discounted Print Packages.
  • FREE Delivery – Your pre-pay order will be sent to the school for distribution. (Orders placed after the cut-off will be delivered home and incur a delivery fee)
  • Photo Retakes are available for all pre-pay orders only. (In the event you are not happy with the outcome of your child’s photo, the retake day is available for your child)
  • Full Refund Option – In the event you are not happy with the outcome of your child’s photo (after retake day) you will be granted a full refund upon request.

How to pre-order your ECMS Student Photo Package:

Click this link:
  1. Search for your child’s name in the subject name field (all students have been added – Please be sure to select the correct name – TIP: We advise to search by last name to avoid nicknames or abbreviated first names not being visible
  2. PASSWORD field is NOT required
  3. Enter your email address
  4. There are three tabs to choose from in the store:
    Packages (Best value) / Prints (individual) / Products
  5. Pre-orders deadline is September 23rd, 2022 (The site will be closed after this date)
  6. There is NO DELIVERY CHARGE for pre-orders
  7. Print Package: A+, B+, C+, D+, E+ INCLUDE the HIGH-RESOLUTION Digital (It must have a “+ “ after the letter to include the Digital File)
  8. If you have Siblings, please repeat steps 1 -4 and use SEPARATE names for each sibling order. (This is essential so that the photo studio can match up your order to your child’s photo)
  9. Please allow up to 4 weeks after Photo Day for the delivery of your order.

Parent Volunteers Needed:

Picture Day is fun, but it requires a lot of organizing and planning to make the morning run smoothly and without delays! We couldn’t do it without the help of our parent volunteers.

If you’re a parent or guardian and would like to help photography team, you will receive a 100% credit for your ECMS Student Photo Order!

Please email the photography studio if you’re able to help.

  • If you have any questions, please use the following contact details:

Stuart Beeby


Click to Schedule a Call

Cell: 508 596 1152

Office: 978 261 5661


The Curtis Robotics Team will be holding an informational session on Monday, September 19, 2022 from 3:20-4:00. We are limiting the team to 30 members (5 teams of 6) and priority will be given to previous, active members. There is a short questionnaire students will need to complete in order to be considered for the team. Click here to access the questionnaire. Please complete the form by Monday after the informational meeting, if you want to be considered for the team. If you are selected, you will be notified via Schoology by Wednesday, September 23, 2022 in time for our first meeting on Thursday, 9/24/22. At that time we will also send you a permission slip which will need to be returned along with the activity fee, by the first meeting. The fee for Robotics is $65 plus the $100 student activity fee. Once the competitions are set, there will also be additional registration and t-shirt fees.

Thursday, September 15 marked the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month. We have Included a list of resources and information to continue learning about this topic and dates of significance. Also, Ms. Simpson (Curtis librarian), has created a book list which can be found here.

It is a time where we recognize the achievements and contributions of Hispanic American champions who have inspired others to achieve success. Below is information to support conversations and expand understanding about Hispanic Heritage Month as well as the Hispanic and the latina/latino/latinx community.

Originally, Hispanic Heritage Month was Hispanic Heritage Week, started in 1968 under President Johnson. In 1988, President Reagan enacted a public law to celebrate a 30-day Hispanic Heritage Month, starting on September 15, the independence day of five Central American countries. Within the month, other Latin American countries celebrate their independence as well.


“During National Hispanic Heritage Month, we recognize that Hispanic heritage is American heritage. We see it in every aspect of our national life: on our television and movie screens, in the music that moves our feet, and in the foods we enjoy. We benefit from the many contributions of Hispanic scientists working in labs across the country to help us fight COVID-19 and the doctors and the nurses on the front lines caring for people’s health. Our Nation is represented by Hispanic diplomats who share our values in countries all over the world and strengthened by military members and their families who serve and sacrifice for the United States. Our communities are represented by Hispanic elected officials, and our children are taught by Hispanic teachers. Our future will be shaped by Hispanic engineers who are working to develop new technology that will help us grasp our clean energy future and by the skilled union workers who are going to build it.”

Latino educators, scientists, artists, and other professionals help make our communities more resilient & equitable. In a video to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, Secretary Cardona emphasizes that Latino voices, dreams & successes matter now more than ever.




Attention 8th grade families: This year, the 8th grade civics trip to Washington D.C. will take place on May 2-5, 2023. The first Parent Orientation will be held on Wednesday Sept. 21st at 5-6pm on Zoom. The session will be recorded. Meeting links and Zoom information will be sent to 8th grade families through Aspen and Blackboard.


- If your child will be absent or tardy from school, please call 978-443-1071, press 1, and leave a message on the absence line stating your child’s name, the date(s) of their absence/ tardiness and the reason. If there is a planned absence, you are welcome to call ahead of time -- you do not need to wait until that day.

- If you will be taking your child out of school for an appointment or picking them up early, please write a note and have your child drop it off in the front office. You must come into the office to sign out your child; if they return to school that day, they may come back in on their own and stop by the office.

- We do not need to know about a change in dismissal plans at 3:10 dismissal time (or 12:45 on an Early Release day).

- Students may only ride the bus to which they are assigned.

- We will interrupt class to have students pick up eyeglasses or Chromebooks dropped off in the office. All other items will be placed on the table outside the office. If your child calls and asks you to bring something to school, please tell them they must come to the office to retrieve.


The Curtis Library is looking for parent volunteers to assist in checkout, staffing the circulation desk during team time, building displays and bulletin boards, and other library tasks. No library experience is needed, you will be trained, but it is useful! Please email for more information.


Back to School Colds and Illnesses

As we have lessened the COVID restrictions of the past 2.5 years, we have seen an uptick in back-to-school colds among our population. Please continue to screen your student for COVID-19 if they have multiple symptoms (fever, headache, nausea, congestion, cough, sore throat, etc). We do still have COVID infections present throughout the school. If your student is negative for COVID they may attend school provided they are feeling well enough to be here. We are also seeing a number of students with strep throat as well.

Dismissals For Illness

All students who need to be dismissed due to illness must be dismissed through the health office. Students who are feeling ill for whatever reason should come to the health office for assessment and the nurses will call home. Students are expected to keep their cell phones in their backpacks during the school day and should not be directly texting parents for dismissal.

Headaches and Water

We’ve been seeing many students for complaints of headaches. Many of them admit to not having had breakfast or water. Please ensure your student comes to school every day with a refillable water bottle. We have filling stations throughout the building. In addition, please encourage breakfast, even a light snack. The earliest lunch block in the building is 12:05 PM.

Thank your for assistance in keeping a happy and healthy school environment!


As we start the new school year, the counseling staff wants to remind you of the support available here at Curtis and to let you know about our ECMS School Counseling Webpage. We recently updated the page to make it more user friendly and to include information about our department, community resources, as well as a convenient link to the Sudbury Public Schools SEL Resources. Please keep checking back for updates throughout the year!

We know that middle school is a time of growth and change which can present with some challenges. We want you to know that we are here to support you and your children. Please feel free to reach out to your grade level counselor if you would like to check in about your child at any point during the school year.

Terry Miller, 6th grade counselor

Jennifer Hymes, 7th grade counselor

Ivar Henningson, 8th grade counselor


Please click here to view the SPS 2022-2023 School Calendar.
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Please click here to see the complete Curtis schedule for this school year.


Wednesday, September 21 - Picture Day; 12:45 Early Release; 5-6 pm 8th Grade DC Trip Parent Orientation Meeting (Zoom)

Monday, September 26 - No School - Rosh Hashanah

Wednesday, September 28 - 6th Grade Open House, 6:30 pm; Office opens at 6:00 for CORI application and to visit organizations in the Cafeteria

Thursday, September 29 - 7th/8th Grades Open House, 6:30 pm; Office opens at 6:00 for CORI application and to visit organizations in the Cafeteria

Wednesday, October 5 - No School - Yom Kippur

Monday, October 10 - No School - Indigenous Peoples' Day

Wednesday, October 19 - 12:45 Early Release; 7:30 p.m. CPO Meeting


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CPO Facebook Page

The CPO Facebook is another great resource to get information and ask questions. Please remember to answer the required questions to be approved. This is important for us to keep the membership contained to Curtis families.

First CPO Meeting

We will be hosting our first CPO meeting in a virtual format on October 19 at 7:30pm. We’ll share the meeting link soon. We hope you can join us. Mr. Mela will discuss the upcoming school year, and Ms. Kerrigan, technology integration specialist at Curtis, will give an overview of how technology is used at the middle school, including Schoology. Both will answer parent questions.

Direct Appeal

Please consider a tax-deductible donation to the CPO to help support Curtis’ cultural, creative, and educational programming. The CPO supports a variety of programs and initiatives, including cultural enrichment, the 1:1 computing program, the Curtis Messenger newsletter, student scholarships, student social events, technology, end-of-year activities, classroom curriculum aids for teachers, UA supplies, recess equipment, uniforms for school sports teams, library furniture, the student counseling department, the tile project in the school hallways, outdoor beautification projects, and much more. These are all important additions to the Curtis community and they truly improve the students’ experience at Curtis Middle School. This is all possible because of the generosity of the Curtis parent community.

We suggest a $75 donation—but no donation is too small—and all are appreciated! Also, please check if your company offers a matching donation. Click here to donate.

Please note that donation acknowledgment letters will be provided by request only. If you require a letter for tax purposes, please email a request to

(You can also make a donation when you order your directory!)

Curtis Gear

The Curtis online store is now open with lots of Curtis spirit wear and gear, including clothing, hats, bags, and more!


8th Grade Events and Washington DC Trip:

The 8th graders will be going to DC, hooray! We are looking for volunteers to form a team to help with various aspects of this trip.

Additionally, we need a team of parent volunteers to start planning the 8th Grade events including the end-of-the-year Social.

Please email 8th Grade Co-Chair Nalini Luthra if you would like more information or to sign up to help.


CPO Co-chairs

Nalini Luthra (8th grade)

Christina Pappas (7th grade)

Christine Scanga (6th Grade)


This Friday, 9/16/22 at 7:00 pm, LS will be hosting our first home football game of the year against Concord-Carlisle. We are looking forward to a fun and safe evening for everyone in attendance.

Please see below information to help you and everyone enjoy a great evening:

The game can be seen on

  • A ticket will be required for ALL attendees 7 years and older

  • You can purchase tickets to all home football games at this link:

  • There will be no re-entry to the games. If you exit, you may not re-enter the game

  • Tickets will be purchased directly behind the school prior to going to the field. Online tickets will save you time. Cash sales will take place at the entrance.

  • Elementary and middle school students need a designated adult for supervision or may be asked to leave the game. We simply do not have the resources to adequately oversee all of our younger fans.

  • No bags or outside refreshments will be allowed into the stadium.

  • Keep the walkway in the bleachers clear

  • Please represent LS appropriately. Cheer for LS, not against the other team. Never single out players from the opposing team.

  • There will be zero tolerance for powder or other inappropriate props.

  • Please stay on the LS side of the field.

  • Absolutely do not use substances prior to, or during the game. Don’t be with friends who have.

We look forward to seeing you at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School events!

LS Athletic Department

Art Reilly

Director of Athletics & Activities LSRHS


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Learning ~ Respect ~ Responsibliity

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