What's Your Type?

By: MacKinley Garrett


Description of ISFJs

1. ISFJs have a kind heart and care more about seeing others happy than seeing their own selves happy.

2. ISFJs want to know things ahead of time and don't like last minute changes to plans. They don't like to "go with the flow."

3. ISFJs tend to need feedback and guidance constantly. They don't like to make important decisions without thoroughly thinking it through and getting lots of advice on the topic.

This describes me perfectly!

I think that the ISFJ describes me down to a t! I do think I am kind-hearted and puts others' feelings before my own. I agree that ISFJ is fits me perfectly because all the traits and descriptions describe my personality!

Common Traits

  • Enjoy structure and order
  • Kind and Considerate
  • Take responsibilities seriously
  • Stable, Practical, Down to earth