4x100m Medley Relay Men

By: Paul Chinnam

4x100 Medley Relay

The 4x100 medley relay is a race where each of 4 swimmers on a team swim a 100 meter long leg of the relay, each swimming a different stroke in the following order:

  1. Backstroke
  2. Breaststroke
  3. Butterfly
  4. Freestyle

The Reason of the Article

The reason for this article is to show data that proves women will eventually surpass the men's times in the 4x100 medley relay.

The Goal of the Study

The goal of this study is to compare the men and women gold medalist's times from 1976 to 2012 for the 4x100 medley relay to predict when the women will surpass the men's time or if they'll have a slower time than the men in the future.

The Scatter Plot

The squares represent the men and the Xs represent the women. According to the data, it is safe to assume that the women have been slower than the men.

The Linear Regression (Line of Best Fit)

Each line shows the trend for the male and female gold medalist times. The red line is the women's trend and the blue line is the men's trend. Its hard to notice, but these lines are not parallel. The women's trend is getting faster at a slow rate.
Big image

Intersection Point

In the image above we can see that the women's time intersects with the men's time. This means that the women's time will get faster and faster and will eventually beat the men's time by the year 2592 and will keep getting faster as time progresses.

The X-Coordinate

In my analysis of the 4x100 medley relay, the X coordinate represents the year the times had been established.

The Y-Coordinate

In my analysis the Y coordinate stand for the time taken to complete the relay.