Framing the Lesson II

Welcome Johnston Faculty!

Roving Paragraph

1. Take a look at the Lesson Frame examples. Think about how our Lesson Frames have evolved this year!

2. On an index card complete the following stem and stand up when ready.

Initially, I thought that Framing the Lesson...

3. Find a partner that is wearing the same shoe style. Share your sentence and write a new one.

Now, I think....

4. Find a second partner, somebody with the same clothing colors. Share your two sentences and write a final one.

Finally, lesson frames...

Big image
Big image
Big image

Points to remember:

Clear focus on the critical learning for the day

Remind students of the Why?

How is it useful?

How can we connect this knowledge to other content areas?

Turn and talk about how you are discussing the importance of the objective.

Lets watch two short clips (Seidlitz 2B,3B)

Think-Pair-Share: Is this teacher effectively using a Lesson Frame?

Collaborative project (8 minutes)

  1. Find your content area partner(s)
  2. Use upcoming TEKS&ELPS to write a Lesson Frame
  3. Gallery Walk
  4. Share any discoveries, ideas, suggestions you encountered



Cortez- Castillo- Corral

Del Villar with Math and Sandoval with ELAR

Washington- Weibel-Garcia-Gallagher