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Sweden Intro

Sweden is in the middle of the states of Norway and Finland. The capital of Sweden is Stockholm. The absolute location of Stockholm 59 degrees 20' N, 18 degrees 5 E.

What seasons does your country have and what causes them?

Sweden does experience four distinct season as the year progresses. It is similar to the seasons that we experience here in the US. In the summer during June and July there is a warm climate and during winter it becomes very cold.

How were these landforms created?

An interactive way of knowing how these landforms are created you guess and check your answers on the next part.

1. Mountain


2. Sea

Baltic Sea

3. Glacier


4. Iceberg

5. Delta


6. lakes

Lake Vanern


Atlantic Ocean

8. peninsula


9. isthumus

middle of Norway and Sweden



How these landforms were created...

1)This mountain was formed with divergent boundaries

2)H2O condensed form its water vapor form when the Earth cooled creating a lot of precipitation

3)A glacier forms when layers of ice accumulate. Upper layers push down on lower layers which makes them hard.

4)Icebergs form when chunks of ice fall of glaciers. Icebergs travel with ocean currents.

5)Deltas are formed from the deposition of the sediment carried by the river

6)When water flows into deep area. In addition lakes are created largely with heavy rainfall and melting snow.

7)A theory of how the seas formed involves precipitation for thousands of years to fill up what we consider seas today.

8)erosion of more easily eroded land mass around a less easily eroded spine.

9)erosion , deposition, earthquake or lava from a volcano

10)formed by erosive waters

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The tundra exists in Sweden because it is so close to the Arctic circle. It is the coldest biome with very few living animals and trees. Barely any rain comes and the land is covered in snow.

Natural Disasters

Sweden does not experience many natural disasters because it is way up in the North and there is nothing really that will cause them. There are not volcanoes or Sweden never really experiences Earthquakes because it is not on top of where tectonic plates may move or come together. However Sweden may experience hurricanes since it is close to an ocean.

Climate Types

Sweden can be broken down into three climate regions... at the southern most part is oceanic mild climate. In the middle there is a humid continental and the northern most part is a subarctic. These are just based off of where the longitudinal lines are located and it helps see what kind of climate is where.