Michael Jackson

The king of pop

Michael, The Artist

Michael Jackson is known for his music, dance moves, style, and fame.

All of these ways is how he changed our modern life today. He has inspired people all over the world to be just like him with his amazing talents. He has changed music here in Northern America and all over the world.

His early life

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The beginning

Michael Jackson started his career with his brothers. They made a band called the "Jackson 5". Michael Jackson created his first album ''Ben''. It was released on August 4,1972 while he was still a member of the Jackson 5. Some of the songs that were included are "Ben", "My Girl" and "What Goes Around Comes Around".

People He Inspired Today

Some people that he inspired are:

Michael Jackson in 1984

If you look at some of these artist today, their style of dance and song is somewhat like Michael's style of performance.

What he did for the world

Michael Jackson has changed the world by writing songs about making the world a better place to inform people and how many others have nothing. For example, the song "Heal the World" talks about what it's like in our generation with war, world hunger, and poverty. "They don't really care about us" talks about how people don't care about how people in poor countries like Africa, don't have resources that we have like education, good health care and clean running water, etc.

The mark that he left

Michael died at the age of 50 years on June 25, 2009 by over dosing on his medicine. The mark he left on the world will continue for many generations to come. His style of music, dance, and clothing will be with the world forever. In order to keep him with us through generations, we must teach people about the good things Michael has done to change the world like charities for the poor, fundraisers, and more.
Dedicated to Michael Jackson by Kingsley