Team Sparkle and Shine Update

Dropbox is not available as of 2/18

Online File sharing no longer available

As of this afternoon Dropbox is not available. All of the same resources are available in your back office and it is easily accessible. Anything such as marketing materials such as rack cards, stickers, you can ask your mentor for and we will get them to you as you need them.

Learn to Use the Back Office and Review

Everything is in the back office that you need to run a successful business. Both myself and your mentor have been sending out emails to inform you as well as the TEAM SWIFT facebook page. If you do not feel your are getting adequate resources after looking through the handouts yourself and speaking with your mentor. You can let me know through email. While dropbox was a great feature to save time, the Back Office is user friendly and categorized as well and it is important for you to utilize the resources given by the company.

Once again as the company grows we are all coming into our own roles and grow together. Understand that while we had a wait list to prepare new designers, this is very soon to become something of the past because the company has really blown the the waitlist.

  • A good suggestion is to open a folder on your desktop and label it Origami Owl that way anything you come across you feel is helpful, save to that folder that way you don't need to log into Back Office.
  • Marketing Materials: We have may marketing materials circulating throughout the web and some are approved and unapproved. To help keep it straight and help new designers, they can know if they are using something from the Back Office it is definitely approved by the Marketing Department. The Nest is quickly revising many new things that great designers come up with but do not meet standards and we want everyone to remain compliant. If you find something you like and are not sure if approved, ask you mentor.
  • Give your mentor the chance to help you: We belong to Team Swift and Michele Bradley has gone above and beyond for all her lineage by providing extra added resources that have helped many of us. I want you to understand, these resources became available as she and as her frontline created them and gave feedback for it.
  • The calls, webinars, monthly meetings, that comes with time and title. If you are unsure of what you are to be doing, ask your mentor and I will be working with my frontline on this as well. Webinars are held by the Nest are highly encouraged to attend and always posted in the back office for replay within a few days. Calls held by upline are throughout the month on different days to help everyone with their different schedules. This does NOT mean you need to listen to every single one of them as they all go over the same material. Due to my schedule I always listen in to Michele and Melissa's which they just started hosting this year after making Executive Team Leader status. Training is still provided by the Nest and sometimes throughout local designers in your area so you are welcome to attend that if it is open to the public, however you take the information and apply it how you see fit to your business, questions still come back to your family.

I just really want to stress to everyone that you are not alone, this is not the end of the world. If anything, it opens a new chapter to utilize your mentor to the best of their capability and challenge yourself as well on how acclimated you are to the Origami Owl business and resources. Being on Michele's frontline, we did not have Dropbox or many features starting out as we grew together and by providing it seems to have been a crutch rather than an aide at this time. Their has been a lot of negative feedback and we need to look at it as a positive and put the thinking caps on. All the information is still there for us. I thank Michele for mentoring me in a manner that has allowed me to run a successful business, more than I ever imagined I could do in a year and I really don't contribute my success to Dropbox. It is more the nature and willingness to assist and get feedback from everyone and growing with my team and their feedback as well. We are doing the best we can with a company that is a year old and as the times keep changing we are only going to continue to get better and better.