¡Hola de Valencia!

Dear Mom,

Hey! How are you? I`m still here in VAlencia. I´m just sending you this postcard to let you know I love you. You may be wondering why I chose these images in this postcard/newsletter. I included the Torres de Serano as the first picture because I wanted you to see where I spend most nights hanging out with my friends. For the second picture, I included a picture of my family´s Paella. You know how picky I am with food, so I actually don`t like the paella but it`s a big part of the Valencian lifestyle. The third picture is of my neighborhood because I want you to see where I live. It shows you how different it is from our house in the USA. Well I love you and see you soon!

Dear Dad

I miss you like crazy. You don`t know how weird it is for me to be here alone in a country and not be able to talk to you whenever I want. I`m sending you this postcard because I want to show you some of the cool things that I do. The first photo is the crest of UV. It`s where I spend a lot of my time. I`m a proud student of UV. The second photo is of Sangria. You haven`t tried good Sangria until you come to Valencia. It is so authentic and tasty here. 10/10 would recommend. The third photo is of the official Fallas poster of 2015. It was a blast. Don`t worry though, I have plenty more photos to show you when I come home.