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My Yummy KupKakes

Come On Down To Cleveland Avenue Elementary School

Saniyah Mathis

Gifted And Talented Class

Mrs. R. Simmons

Thursday/April 17,2014


Gifted And Talented Class/ Business Show Case

My Gifted And Talented Class Is having a Business Showcase on Thursday/April 17, 2014. My business is organized by first having / completing paperwork that has been given and passed out to. I also have to make a profit and a budget. My business is selling cupcakes. My product features selective and exclusive cupcakes not found any where else. My cupcakes are beneficial because they are yummy and satisfy your taste buds. All my cupcakes are $1.50. I determine my price because my competitors prices were $2.00 and over, and I want to give my customers more value for a lower price. My business represents the food and desert industry. My customers are children , teachers, and guest. Children ages 3 years ld and lower cannot eat a Yummy Kupkake.