Parent Message: Holiday Edition


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Principal's Message

Greetings Mountain View Community,

We are rapidly approaching the holiday season, and there are many opportunities to support and engage in our community:

AHS Tree Sale: beautiful noble fir trees that help support our local families and our homeless teens (see below for more information)

Make your voice count: We are looking to develop a profile of a great learner. This work starts with YOU! Please take a few minutes to help us identify what our community values in their learners. Take this quick survey and chose your top 9 traits of excellent learners. Thank you to those of you who have already responded! Top responses so far include:

  • Creative
  • Resilient
  • Open to divers viewpoints
  • Challenge seekking
  • A problem solver
  • An effective communicator
  • Organized
  • A critical thinker

We are considering opening up the school for a couple of days over Winter Break. Our rough-draft thinking is to provide a mid-day meal, and some games, art, projects, basketball, experiments, or whatever other activities we can pull together for a few hours. if you think your student would like to come to an event like this, please enter his/her name on this form so we have an idea of how many kids to expect and what activities we should consider.

Please consider a donation to our food drive from November 18-22!

Research shows that morning activity for your student will benefit their ability to do well in school! Sign up for our FREE PlayFitFun program in December (flyer below.)

Honored to Serve This Community,

Wendy Rider

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Mt. View What Is PFF
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Strengthening Families Sessions

We are very proud to be able to offer family fun and learning sessions again this year. Everyone is welcome and it is free for all of our community members.

Strengthening Families is a program designed for parents and youth (ages 10-14 years). It is designed to support parenting efforts and fortify the relationship between family members. The course will lay the foundation for successful teen years by improving communication between children and parents and helping students to avoid some of the pitfalls of adolescence (including substance abuse and difficult behaviors).

During this seven-week course, we will begin each session with a family meal. During the two and a half hours we are together, participants will attend sessions both separately. Childcare will be provided for siblings that are ten years or younger. Sessions will be offered in both English and Spanish.

Funding for this course is provided by a grant through Washington County Health and Human Services and is Coordinated by Lifeworks Northwest.

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Solving a "Break Out Box" as a team

Parking Lot Safety

This has been an area of concern since our wonderful traffic controller, Mr. Robinson, has had his hours cut. We have our Public Safety team coming to help us devise a plan, but we really feel like we need a person out there to help make sure people are driving safely and students are behaving safely when traveling across the parking lot.

Please help with make it safe:

  • Do not exceed 5 miles per hour in the parking lot during drop off and pick up
  • Stop at the crosswalk
  • Have your student us the cross walk if you are not on the curb side

We would love to have a volunteer to help us improve our morning and afternoon parking lot safety. If you, or someone you know want to come and help with this task, please email me.

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Free Morning Play Fit Fun!

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District Information

Middle School Boundary Adjustment Advisory Committee

The Middle School Boundary Adjustment Advisory Committee held a public meeting last Tuesday at Stoller Middle School. The meeting was live streamed and the video is available on the Middle School Boundary Adjustment webpage.

The primary activity was a visioning workshop, where the public helped create the first set of themes for potential middle school boundaries. Everyone in attendance was at a table with approximately 6-8 people; they each had a large district-wide map and markers with which to work. The objective was for each table, as a group, to create a new boundary for the new middle school, reduce the size of Stoller Middle School, and amend other middle school boundaries to accommodate the changes created by the first two items.

This exercise was more qualitative than quantitative, forecast data was not provided on the maps at this meeting. The emphasis of the exercise was for participants to show the committee how they see their neighborhood identities, where “natural” boundaries (such as major roads, parks/open space, etc.) may be, and anything else that should be taken into consideration by the Committee. Committee members joined table groups throughout the room to listen in on the conversations.

The workshop maps have been posted to the Middle School Boundary Adjustment webpage.

Following the workshop staff will analyze the workshop maps and will provide the Committee with the data coming from those themes. This will serve as the starting point for the Committee's work in narrowing down a set of options to an eventual recommendation.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, November 21, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. at Conestoga Middle School, 12250 SW Conestoga Dr., 97008 and the public will have the opportunity to participate in a similar visioning activity.

Ajuste de los Límites Territoriales de Asistencia de las Escuelas Secundarias

El Comité Asesor de Ajuste de los Límites Territoriales de las Escuelas Secundarias tuvo una reunión abierta al público el martes pasado en la escuela secundaria Stoller. La reunión se transmitió en vivo y el video está disponible en el sitio web del Ajuste de los Límites Territoriales de Asistencia de las Escuelas Secundarias.

La actividad principal del evento fue un ejercicio en el que el público ayudó a crear el primer conjunto de ideas para los posibles límites de las escuelas secundarias. Las personas asistentes se sentaron en una mesa con un grupo aproximado de 6 a 8 personas; un mapa grande del distrito y marcadores. El objetivo del ejercicio fue que cada grupo creara un nuevo límite para la nueva escuela secundaria, redujera el tamaño de la escuela secundaria Stoller y modificara otros límites para acomodar los cambios creados por los dos primeros pasos.

Este ejercicio fue más cualitativo que cuantitativo, la información sobre los datos que hasta ahora hemos estimado no se proporcionó en los mapas en esta reunión. El énfasis del ejercicio fue que los participantes mostraran al Comité cómo ven la identidad de su vecindario, dónde podrían estar los límites "naturales" (como calles principales, parques/espacios abiertos, etc.) y cualquier otra cosa que debería tomarse en cuenta por el Comité. Los miembros del Comité se unieron a los grupos de cada mesa para poder escuchar sus conversaciones.

Los mapas del taller se han publicado en la página web de Ajuste de Limites Territoriales de las Escuelas Secundarias

Después de este taller, el personal analizará los mapas y proporcionará al Comité los datos provenientes de esos temas. Esto servirá como punto de partida para el trabajo del Comité en reducir un conjunto de opciones para una recomendación eventual.

La próxima reunión se llevará a cabo el jueves, 21 de noviembre de 2019 a las 6:30 p.m. en la escuela secundaria Conestoga, 12250 SW Conestoga Dr., 97008 y el público tendrá la oportunidad de participar en una actividad similar.

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What's Coming Up at Mountain View


18 Padres Unidos 6PM in the Library

18-22 Food Drive in Advisory

19 Pre-ACT exam for 8th graders

20 Choir Concert 7PM

27-29 Thanksgiving Vacation

Looking Ahead:

December 3 Incoming 6th Grade Family Night 6:30

(I made a mistake in my last newsletter and said it was on November 20--sorry for the confusion)

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Mountain View Middle School

WE are a community that inspires students to believe in themselves and successfully advocate for their future goals.