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January News and Happenings

PSAT Scores are NOW Available

To see your students' scores, you will need to login to College Board using the link below.

  • If your student has taken or registered to take an AP exam, he/she has an account.
  • If your student does not have an account, you will need to create one on College Board (Click on Create an Account on the login screen)

Counselors do NOT know your passwords and cannot locate them for you. If you have created an account but can't remember your password, you'll have to use the "Need help signing in?" option on the bottom of the login screen and follow the directions.

The instructions below will walk you through the steps of accessing and understanding the score reports.

BHS Course Scheduling for the 2023-2024 School Year

Brownsburg High School online course enrollment for 2023-2024 will take place from January 14 – 23 for current freshman, sophomores, and juniors. Your student can find course descriptions, the scheduling worksheet, and directions for requesting classes in PowerSchool at Beginning on January 24th, guidance counselors will meet with students Team 2025 students to review their schedule choices, answer questions, and make any necessary adjustments.

Selected Area 31 Classes to be Offered in Brownsburg

BHS students can participate in career preparation classes through Area 31 Career Center. This year there will be four classes offered through Area 31 at Harris Academy:

First year -

  • Networking/Cybersecurity
  • Pre-Nursing/CNA
  • Clinical Medical Assisting (grade 12 only)
  • Criminal Justice

Students can also sign up for the full array of Area 31 classes at Ben Davis High School. Area 31 will hold an open house regarding their vocational classes on January 26, 2023, 5:30pm - 7:30pm at Area 31 (door 17). Current sophomore or junior students interested in Area 31 classes for next year should check out their website for more information. Contact the team office with questions.

Junior Year Scheduling-Key Points

Students MUST include the following courses in their schedules:

  • English 11 (AP or regular)
  • US History (DC, AP, or regular)
  • Math
  • Science

Please refer to the Program of Studies for course prerequisite requirements

Are fine arts credits completed?

  • Core 40 needs 1
  • Technical Honors needs 1
  • Academic Honors needs 2

Core 40 students need a 6 credit CTE Pathway

  • Area 31
  • Business
  • TV Video
  • PLTW (engineering, computer science, biomed)
Remember- Must have a C- average

World Language

  • Level 1, 2, and 3 are required for an Academic Honors Diploma
  • Not required for Core 40 or Technical Honors but students are encouraged to check admission requirements for colleges of interests

Science and Career Planning

See the information below if you are uncertain which science course should be taken following Chemistry/Physics/ICP.


Absences: If you need to call your students out sick, or for any other reason, please call Mrs. Patino at 317-852-2258 EXT. 1601 by 10 am. Please leave a voicemail with your name, the name of your student, and the reason why your student is absent. Even when your students is absent just for part of the day, is important for us to know ahead of time. Students are responsible for checking Schoology for missing work and contacting their teachers to check what they missed during their absence.

Appointments: When picking up early is very helpful as well to call ahead of time, notify Mrs. Patino as early in the day as possible (by phone or email or even the day prior to the appointment. Mrs. Patino will send a pass to your student earlier in the day so they can leave class on time to meet with you at door#1 by the time requested, no need to come in to sign out your student, or call again when you're at the door. Please note, some classes (like P.E., Choir, Band, Guard) are unable to answer phones during class, and it is extremely difficult to find students once they get to the cafeteria for lunch. This may result in the students running late to their appointment which we do not want to happen.

Only parents can call out students, but students can be picked up by another family member if specified on your message.

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