Weekly Tech News

April 20, 2018

Upcoming JOT Dates

Below are the upcoming sessions:

4/24 WL JOT

5/1 AE JOT

Again, there is not a Playground session this month. Feel free to reach out for additional information or assistance.

JRSR High JOT Attendance

Thursday morning I sent out emails to confirm my attendance records. Please be sure to double-check what I have. I know some staff members were present at sessions, but did not complete the task I used to collect attendance. If that's the case, be sure to let me know, so I can make the necessary changes to my records. I want to be sure everyone gets the correct amount of PGP on their certificate!

OK Go Sandbox

I would encourage everyone to check out the Ok Go Sandbox website (okgosandbox.org). Yes, it was created by a band. Yes, it is centered around their music videos. Yes, it is educational. Each one of the band's music videos on the website contains awesome math and science concepts. Each music video is paired with follow up videos, challenges, and Q & As. Below is an example of one of their videos.


This popped up on TV and has been resonating with me. Perhaps it will get you thinking too!

As always, feel free to email me any questions or concerns!