Nucleic Acid

By: Isabella and Divya

Name of Polymer


Name of Monomer

Nucleic Acids are made of monomers called nucleotides. Nucleotides are made of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen atoms.

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Functional Group(s) found in this Biomolecule

Hydroxyl (OH) Amino (NH2) and Phosphate (PO4)

Examples of this Biomolecule

Nucleic acid is found in all living things. For example, Nucleic acid can be found in DNA and RNA. DNA, also known as deoxyribonucliec acid, helps decode genetic information in living organisms and viruses. RNA on the other hand is ribonucliec acid, which is the messenger that takes the information given by the DNA and sends it to the protien.

Common Functions of this Molecule

The Nucleic acids build up DNA which send information to the body to build proteins. Without the Nucleic acids our body would not be able to function and support the body.

How does its structure allow for its function?

This Biomolecule has many bonds, this means this Biomolecule has contains lots of energy. The amount of energy it has, gives it the ability to send information to the body to build proteins.